Minimally Invasive (m.i.) Cheek Lift

Minimally Invasive (M.I.) Cheek Lift

Our cheeks tend to sag with age and also lose volume as they become flattered and “longer”. This is one of the earliest signs of aging and the process can start to happen to people in their thirties.  It steadily progresses as the years go by and can make people look years older and “tired”.  A traditional cheek lift is an extensive procedure that involves several weeks of swelling and recovery.  Alternatively, an M.I. Cheek Lift can be done at Evolutions Medical Spa with only a local anesthetic and oral sedation, which makes the procedure and the recovery much easier.  Dr. Perkins uses small incisions hidden in the hair by the upper ear.  Deep supporting tissue is tightened and a small amount of skin is removed, resulting in a more youthful, “refreshed” look.  Additional volume (either with dermal fillers or with a fat transfer) can also be added to the mid-face, nasolabial folds, and/or the pre-jowl area to allow more “sculpting” and to further enhance the result.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Minimally Invasive (M.I.) Cheek Lift

An M.I. Cheek Lift is an innovative way to tighten and lift the cheeks with less swelling and downtime than a traditional check lift.

By creating a natural lift to the cheeks, you can expect to look younger and more “refreshed.” Adding volume to the face with dermal fillers or a fat transfer and addressing any skin concerns as necessary will add to the benefit for certain clients. The benefits of the procedure typically last 3-5 years, but you will forever be better off having had the treatment done.

After the procedure, an elastic wrap is placed to keep compression on the area and assist with healing. Work from home can be started the next day. Clients will return one week after the procedure to have sutures removed. Most people start to resume normal activities after the one-week follow-up.

An M.I. Cheek Lift is typically done with a local anesthetic combined with oral sedation, so it is a relatively easy procedure for most people to go through.

Minimally Invasive (m.i.) Cheek Lift
Minimally Invasive (m.i.) Cheek Lift
Minimally Invasive (m.i.) Cheek Lift

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Anna H.
Lindon, UT
Wonderful spa! Best facial I have had in a very long time! Had flash peel done. Peaceful environment. The tea room was peaceful with wonderful choices of tea.
Kate C.
Huntington Beach, CA
I love Evolutions! I always walk out of there feeling like a queen. The treatments are always top of the line, the staff are amazing & always willing to do everything to make me feel pampered. I feel so fortunate to avail of such wonderful service. I highly recommend it.
Regina B.
Santa Barbara, CA
This is my favorite medical spa.  When I visit Santa Barbara this is my go-to for things relaxing. Even if I go in for my medical spa touch-up, I try to enjoy the full-body scrub.  I love this scrub!  I always leave feeling better and a bit more confident.
Michelle T.
Porterville, CA