Day Spa Treatments


Massage therapy is beneficial for the body, mind, and soul. At Evolutions your experience begins when you change into your spa robe and relax in our amazing locker rooms (complete with dry eucalyptus saunas) or the peaceful tea lounge area while you wait for your treatment to begin.

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Day Spa Treatments


Facials at Evolutions are a true fusion of the luxurious and the clinical. Receive the relaxing experience of a classic day spa facial, but with the results-oriented approach, you would expect from a physician’s office.

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Day Spa Treatments

Body Treatments

Exfoliate and hydrate your body with a blissful body wrap or scrub. For a special treat, schedule a treatment that includes a Vichy shower (more info below!).

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Day Spa Treatments

Chemical Peels

Combines both mechanical and chemical exfoliation in a single treatment to provide a great result with minimal downtime. A DermaSweep exfoliation is immediately followed by an infusion of a medium-strength chemical peel.

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Day Spa Treatments

Exfoliation Treatments

As our skin ages, the natural exfoliation process (older skin cells flaking off and being replaced by younger cells) begins to slow down. This, along with environmental damage, is why mature skin doesn’t look as fresh and bright as a child’s skin.

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Day Spa Treatments


Our waxing services are done using only the finest natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, leaving the skin smooth and soft to the touch. Both hard and soft wax is available.

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