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Bitemporal Lift

When your eyebrows begin to droop you start to look sad, tired, or unhappy. The temporal brow lift elevates the outer half of the brows and improves the crow’s feet.  By focusing on “opening up” your eyes in a natural way you look more approachable without looking “overdone.” The lift is done through a very small (1/4”) incision that is hidden in the hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bitemporal Lift

A bitemporal lift is a minimally invasive brow lift that focuses on the outer half of the brows.  The procedure also improves “crow’s feet” wrinkles. 

Providing a slight, natural-looking elevation to the outer half of the brow can make a person look happier, more rested, and younger.  A bitemporal lift is also minimally invasive and utilizes a very small incision hidden in the hair that will typically be unnoticeable after it has healed.  

Stitches are removed a week after the procedure.  Most clients are fine working from home a day after the procedure, but we recommend avoiding strenuous activity for a week and then gradually resuming full activity over 2-3 weeks.

A bitemporal lift can be performed with a local anesthetic and light oral sedation. Pain is usually minimal and is easily controlled with Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Bitemporal Lift Procedure in Santa Barbara

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A very luxurious spa! Very relaxing, and I love the fluffy robes. They were wonderful and really worked the tension out of my neck without being too rough. I loved it!
Anna H.
Lindon, UT
Wonderful spa! Best facial I have had in a very long time! Had flash peel done. Peaceful environment. The tea room was peaceful with wonderful choices of tea.
Kate C.
Huntington Beach, CA
I love Evolutions! I always walk out of there feeling like a queen. The treatments are always top of the line, the staff are amazing & always willing to do everything to make me feel pampered. I feel so fortunate to avail of such wonderful service. I highly recommend it.
Regina B.
Santa Barbara, CA
This is my favorite medical spa.  When I visit Santa Barbara this is my go-to for things relaxing. Even if I go in for my medical spa touch-up, I try to enjoy the full-body scrub.  I love this scrub!  I always leave feeling better and a bit more confident.
Michelle T.
Porterville, CA