Santa Barbara Skin Care Recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Though laser and other skin treatments at Evolutions can correct many problems, our advanced therapy is only part of the solution. To achieve an optimal improvement, the procedures done at the spa must be combined with a good daily regimen of therapeutic products. In fact, the consistent use of professional home care may account for as much as 40-50% of your overall result.

The products available at Evolutions are pharmaceutical grade and have a high percentage of active ingredients. Products made for mass marketing like those you get in drug stores (or even high-end department stores) often have high amounts of fillers and preservatives to counter bacterial growth and prolong “shelf life.” They also tend to have lower quantities of active ingredients. Because there has been no professional evaluation/recommendation before or after the product has been purchased, it is in the manufacturer’s interest to “water down” the products to minimize any potential adverse reactions (which in turn limits the benefits).

Each product we carry was chosen by Dr. Perkins after extensive research. Unlike some medical spas or physician offices that carry only two or three skin care “lines,” Evolutions has products from 14 different lines. This is because no single line has the best product in each category. At Evolutions, we carry items that are unique (often patent-protected and only available through a physician) and “the best of the best” from many different companies. Our trained staff is then able to construct a customized program specifically for you and your skin.

No. Our bodies are extremely dynamic and adaptable. If you keep using the same products month after month, your skin will adapt and the effect of the products will gradually diminish. By changing products periodically, your skin will continue to respond in a positive manner. Think of it like cross-training when you work out at the gym. By alternating the exercises you do, you burn more calories and have a greater positive effect on your body’s health. We are here to help and will assist you in developing an ongoing program that maximizes the benefits to your skin.

Cleaning the skin is the first step in any skin care program. We highly recommend the Clarisonic brush be used in conjunction with your preferred cleanser. Beyond that, a comprehensive program should include retinoids, exfoliants, antioxidants, and sun protection. Some clients should also consider moisturizers and skin type specific products. For more information, read the following section on the Basics of a Comprehensive Home Care Program.