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Evolutions Enhancement Week 2017

During the same week as Injectable Week we will be offering our 2nd annual “Enhancement Week”!

Book a 60 minute (or more) facial or massage and you will be able to pick one enhancement FREE ($15 value).

Massage in Santa Barbara at Evolutions


We have several different options to enhance your massage or facial experience.

Massage Enhancements
(included within normal treatment time)

Deep condition scalp treatment ($15)
Paraffin treatment on hands ($15)
Use of Sundari Aryuvedic massage oil ($15)
Partial use of hot stones ($15)

Facial Enhancements
(included within normal treatment time)

Deep condition scalp treatment ($15)
Paraffin treatment on hands ($15)
Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment ($15)

– – – – –

When you book your treatment, ask us about our Add-Ons. These specialty treatments add time to your treatment (prices vary). Examples include:

  • Extra massage (with massage) – 15 minutes
  • Reflexology (with massage) – 30 minutes
  • Vichy Shower (with massage) – 30 minutes
  • Mini Microderm (with facial) – 15 minutes
  • O2 Infusion (with facial) – 15 minutes
  • Multiwave LED (with facial) – 15 minutes
  • DNA Cryostem Application (with facial) – 15 minutes

Available appointments are expected to fill up fast, so call us today (805-695-2160) to book your preferred day and time!


Evolutions Day Spa’s Winter Seasonal Scrub

Beat the winter dry skin woes with our Cranberry and Yuzu sugar scrub.

This luxurious blend combines pure cane sugar, cranberry seeds, organic shea butter, sunflower, and coconut oils with an intoxicating citrus fragrance leaving your entire body glowing, healthy, and vibrant. We finish with a delicious French Sugared Vanilla Silk & Honey lotion that absorbs quickly, but continues to keep your skin hydrated for hours.

This amazing scrub lasts for 60 minutes and is $120.

It will be available until January 31st, so book your Winter Seasonal Scrub now to make sure you don’t miss it!


Santa Barbara Day Spa Body Treatment: Rose Dream Scrub

Our Santa Barbara Day Spa‘s featured seasonal scrub is the Rose Dream

Santa Barbara Body Scrub TreatmentA luxurious rose-scented body scrub is applied to remove dead skin cells. Rose Hip and Palmarosa help to balance the skin while bringing the skin to a normal and healthy-looking state. After the scrub, you are rinsed in the Vichy shower – a “rainbar” over the treatment table that adds another level of relaxation.

Your treatment finishes with Rose Hip Fruit and Palmarosa Balancing Moisturizer for soft, supple skin.

Purchase the body lotion on the way out so you can keep your summer skin hydrated and rosy.

The scent-sational Rose Dream Scrub will be available in June and July only!  

Call us today to book your treatment (805) 695-2160.


DermaSweep in Santa Barbara

Our Santa Barbara Day Spa offers an escape from life’s everyday stress. A 60 or 90 minute day spa service (such as a massage, facial, body scrub or wrap) can be an amazing “mini stay-cation.”

This month, our featured Mini Stay-Cation idea is a DermaSweep exfoliating treatment.

DermaSweep Santa Barbara

As our skin ages, the natural exfoliation process slows down. Exfoliating treatments at Evolutions work to speed up the natural cell turnover and help you to achieve and maintain clear, healthy, youthful-looking skin.

DermaSweep MD, our most advance exfoliation treatment, uses a variable-level vacuum system to gently lift the skin as the device “sweeps away” the dead layer quickly and painlessly. Increased blood flow in the treated area encourages collagen formation, toning, and firming of the skin

Finally, Epi-Fusion delivers skin specific topical solutions deep into the skin to treat common concerns such as acne, dry skin, and hyperpigmentation.

View all of our Santa Barbara Day Spa Services here.
Contact us at (805) 695-2160 to schedule your Mini Stay-Cation day spa service today! 


Santa Barbara Day Spa Facial

Life is busy and we know that it is not always possible to take off for a week, a weekend, or even a day! We do know that it is important for your mind, body, and soul to take a break from every day stress, even if it is just for a small amount of time.

One way to take a timeout is to treat yourself (and your body) to 60 or 90 minute massage, facial, body scrub or wrap at our Santa Barbara Day Spa. This is the perfect “mini stay-cation” – without leaving home!

Evolutions Mini Stay-dation idea: Age-Defying Oxygen Facial

Instantly breathe life into your skin with pure and concentrated oxygen mist combined with high potency, organic serums imported from the Swiss Alps.

This amazing 90 minute facial is custom blended to meet your skin’s individual needs and is excellent for all skin types. The combination of advanced oxygen technology and ultra-premium products helps promote long term skin health while immediately leaving your skin firm, fresh, and glowing!

Before or after your treatment, be sure to relax and detoxify with a dry sauna and/or a soothing cup of tea while putting your feet up in our Tea Lounge (both complimentary with your treatment).


Evolutions Day Spa offers an escape from life’s everyday stress!

Santa Barbara Day Spa

View our complete Santa Barbara day spa menu here
Call today (805-695-2189) to book your day spa appointment. 




Santa Barbara Body Scrub Treatment

Our Santa Barbara Body Scrub treatment for the summer season is the Rose Dream. Your treatment will start with a luxurious rose-scented body scrub to exfoliate away dead skin cells. Rose Hip and Palmarosa help to balance the skin while bringing the skin to a normal and healthy-looking state. Rose Hip oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids making it a superb natural moisturizer and hydrator. Palmarosa is known to be stimulating for both the body and mind. It also supports healthy skin.

Vichy Shower Treatment at Evolutions Day Spa Santa Barbara
Vichy Shower Treatment Room at Evolutions Day Spa

After the relaxing scrub, you are rinsed under the Vichy shower (pictured at right) – a “rainbar” over the treatment table that adds another level of bliss.

Your treatment finishes with Rose Hip and Palmarosa Balancing Moisturizer for soft, supple skin.

Purchase the body lotion on the way out so you can keep your skin hydrated and rosy all summer long.

Book your Rose Dream Body Scrub at our Santa Barbara day spa by calling (805) 695-2189 today!



Special Offer on Latisse in Santa Barbara

Are your lashes thin and not what they used to be?

Latisse is the only FDA-approved prescription formula that can grow your lashes longer, fuller, and darker. Latisse is easy to use – just apply on the lash line before bed. Results happen gradually so it is important to use the product consistently.

Start Latisse now (or continue your treatment), with this great promotion!

Buy one 5mL Latisse for $199 and receive a mail-in certificate to receive a FREE 3mL Latisse from Allergan (a $140 value). 

Hurry! We only have a limited number of certificates and this offer is only good while supplies last!



Santa Barbara Sauna Has Healthy Benefits

sauna santa barbara
Evolutions Dry Eucalyptus Sauna in Santa Barbara

At Evolutions Day Spa in Santa Barbara, our locker rooms feature dry eucalyptus saunas for our guests to unwind prior to a treatment or to continue in their state of bliss after.

You may be surprised to hear that several recently published studies have shown that dry saunas have health benefits that go far beyond relaxation.

Here are the findings:

  • “The more often the men went to the sauna, and the longer they stayed, the lower their risk for sudden cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease and fatal cardiovascular disease over those 20 years.” – A Finnish study that looked at dry sauna bathing and middle-aged men over a 20 year period.
  • “Regular sauna bathing is a simple, self-directed treatment that is effective for reducing headache pain intensity in chronic tension-type headaches (CTTH).” – Study by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.
  • Sauna-induced sweating detoxifies the body and raises the heart rate (like exercise, but in a more passive way). A study of 19 and 20 year olds who used saunas saw their body mass index (BMI) drop, with the overweight and obese participants losing the most. – Study published in Scientific World Journal.

Reap the benefits of a dry sauna in Santa Barbara at Evolutions. Use of the shower and sauna facilities is complementary with any 60 minute (or longer) day spa treatment.

Book a Santa Barbara massage, facial, or body treatment, by contacting us at (805) 695-2189.


Get a Santa Barbara Massage for a Mental Health Boost

santa barbara massage evolutions

Feeling tired or feeling blue? We invite you to come in to Evolutions and have a massage in Santa Barbara for a mental health boost. While it is well known that massage can help many physical ailments (such as reducing pain and stiffness, relaxing muscles, and relieving headaches), it is less widely reported about how massage can benefit a person’s mental health.

The American Massage Therapy Association has published studies about the benefits of using massage to treat mental health problems in different situations. Here are the findings:

  • The use of back massage while receiving chemotherapy was shown to significantly reduce anxiety and acute fatigue.
  • An 8-week study of HIV patients who were mentally stable but diagnosed with major depressive disorder showed that the severity of depression was significantly reduced at week 4 and continued to be less at weeks 6 and 8.
  • Military veterans returning from Afghanistan or Iraq who incorporated massage therapy as part of their reintegration found that worry, anxiety, and depression (along with physical pain) was significantly reduced.
  • Nurses who received massage during work hours immediately felt relief from stress, headaches, insomnia, and other pain.

Why is massage so beneficial for a mental health boost? It is known that Swedish massage causes the body to release oxytocin. This hormone plays a role in many positive emotional aspects such as maternal instincts, love and bonding, friendship development, reduction of anxiety, and more. The mood-elevating serotonin is also released during massage.

Many consider massage a “luxury” treatment but research is revealing that it is a valuable tool for healing both the body and mind. If you’re looking to boost your mental state, boost your wellness, boost you health, and feel good – book a massage in Santa Barbara today. Contact Evolutions Medical & Day Spa at 805-695-2189 to make an appointment.


Santa Barbara Facial Testimonial

santa barbara facial evolutionsAt Evolutions Medical & Day Spa in Santa Barbara, we offer a wide variety of facials that are customizable because we don’t believe that our facial treatments should be “one-size-fits-most”. Skin condition and issues can vary greatly, so we trust the expertise of our aestheticians to modify a facial to best fit the needs of the client and their skin. With this approach, our clients usually leave with glowing skin and often do not experience any discomfort afterwards such as blotchiness, excessive peeling, or inflammation.

Facials are one of our most popular day spa treatments and we are always ready to listen to any feedback. While many clients will verbally tell us their thoughts on their facial experience, we were really pleased to find this wonderful write up on a style and fashion blog by a woman named Sophia who had been to Evolutions for our Age-Defying Oxygen Facial in December. Read her Santa Barbara facial testimonial here.

If you want to share your own testimonial on Evolutions and your treatment(s), we’re all ears! Share your review on Yelp or Google+.

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