Santa Barbara Day Spa Upgrades and Remodel Discount

Day Spa Upgrades and Remodel Discount

Medical Day Spa Near MeWe will be giving our beloved Vichy Shower room a facelift this month.  The remodel/refresh will take a week, from Monday, March 25th until Monday, April 1st.  Due to the demolition noise, we will be closing the Day Spa from Monday through Wednesday.  The setting of the tile will not be as loud of a process, so we are going to partially open the Day Spa between Thursday, March 28th through Saturday, March 30th.  During those three days, we will be offering all Day Spa clients a 30% off “remodel discount”  

Operations on the medical spa side will not be affected during this process.

Call today (805) 695-2160 – appointment times are limited!

* All of the above offers cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.