Jeuveau #NEWTOX at Evolutions in Santa Barbara

#NEWTOX by Jeuveau (rhymes with “hello”) – a new neuromodulator that is similar to Botox and Dysport – has been in the news as it has recently been FDA-approved for injectable treatment to temporarily improve frown lines in adults. Here is some information about #NEWTOX.

  • It is produced with a high-tech new manufacturing process (hence the name #NEWTOX).
  • #NEWTOX has undergone several years of study, including five clinical trials with 2,100 patients.
  • Clinical trials show that it actually performed slightly better than Botox.
  • It is the same molecule size as Botox and is sold in similar units to Botox.
  • Fun Fact: Evolus, the company that makes Jeuveau #NEWTOX was founded in Santa Barbara and still has an office on Garden Street.

At Evolutions in Santa Barbara, we have done internal trials over the past 6 weeks and so far have found that:

  • #NEWTOX tends to take effect faster than Botox, and
  • A #NEWTOX treatment stings less than a Botox treatment

Given these results, along with #NEWTOX’s strong clinical data, we are impressed so far!

Do You Want to Try #NEWTOX?

We are continuing internal trials of #NEWTOX this month and would like to invite clients who have previously used Botox to try #NEWTOX. The trial price will be $9.25 per unit (minimum of 20 units and no other discounts applicable). To be eligible, clients must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have had Botox at Evolutions within the last 5 years.
  • Must be willing to participate in a short (5 minute) survey about their experience with #NEWTOX.

Call us at 805-695-2160 to set up an appointment.

Trial treatments are limited and will be given on a first come-first served basis.