Get a Santa Barbara Massage for Lower Back Pain Relief

Evolutions Massage Room

Do you need another reason to get a massage? We have one! In addition to all the benefits we have blogged about (such as a boosted immune system, getting better sleep, encouraging lymph drainage, reducing blood pressure, alleviating stress, and more) there is one more to add to the list: lower back pain relief.

If you’ve got lower back pain (and unfortunately many of us do), then a massage should be at the top of your list to bring relief to the lumbar region. Massage has been shown to be better than medication or exercise for lower back pain relief. Massage helps cells to recover post exercise and it also spurs the production of new mitochondria – your “cellular power plant” supplying cellular energy within your body.

What is our massage recommendation for lower back pain relief? Our Sports Massage is ideal for athletic people and/or people who are suffering from pain in the back and/or legs, and overworked feet. The mixture of reflexology and deep tissue massage addresses those areas that hold tension and are painful.

Book a Sports Massage in Santa Barbara at Evolutions by calling 805-695-2189. Plan to come early or stay after your massage to enjoy our dry eucalyptus sauna or peaceful tea lounge. See all of our Santa Barbara massage treatments here