Employee Spotlight: Alexis Uribe

Employee Spotlight:  Alexis UribeWhat really makes Evolutions special is our wonderful staff.  When we started Evolutions Medical Spa back in 2005 we had 5 employees.  We are now up to over 30!  They are all great people and they work very hard everyday to make your experience with Evolutions the best it can be.  We do this feature to let you know a little bit more about the people that make up the Evolutions’ team.  We highlight two employees each month. This month we are putting the spotlight on a full time Spa Coordinator, Alexis Uribe, and Sammi Ginsberg, one of our massage therapists.  

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Employee Profile – Alexis Uribe

Alexis has been with Evolutions for a little over a year now.  Before joining us she worked both in medical offices and in retail, so she has excellent experience in handling medical records and assisting with clinical tasks while providing clients top notch customer service.  Alexis is also bilingual, which allows her to effectively communicate with all of our clients. She is a hardworking and dedicated employee and is a real asset to the team!  

  1.   What is the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had (prior to Evolutions)?

I was in high school when I got my first job working the concession stand for my brother’s little league baseball team.  

  1.   What do you like about working at Evolutions?

What I enjoy the most about working here at Evolutions are my coworkers.  I am fortunate to be able to work with excellent aestheticians and massage therapists as well as very talented medical clinicians.  I have been able to learn so many great things about skincare, medical treatments, and products.

  1.   What is your preferred treatment at Evolutions to have done?

The Revitalizing Oxygen Facial has been my favorite treatment here at Evolutions.  My skin felt refreshed, plump, and radiant. It includes a wonderful arm massage which adds a little more relaxation.  

  1.   What is your #1 home care product sold at Evolutions?  Why? 

My favorite product has been the Luzern toner.  It leaves my skin feeling hydrated before applying my serums and moisturizer.  

  1.   What is your favorite quote / mantra / words of wisdom?

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  Whether it was a good or bad experience, it was meant to be. Santa Barbara Medical Spa

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