Colorescience Mineral Makeup on CBS News – More Than Just for the Face!

colorescienceColorescience mineral makeup that protects and corrects is more than just for the face – we found this out on a recent segment on “The Early Show” on CBS! Colorescience can be used on your feet too!

The Health Watch segment (video below) was all about the feet – and foot issues – and how many people just don’t like their feet. Dr. Suzanne Levine, a podiatrist surgeon, addressed issues such as bunions, corns, heel spurs and rough skin on heels and feet. In the final part of the segment, Dr. Levine suggested for those who may dislike the appearance of their feet to use mineral make-up – such as Colorescience – to minimize corns and discoloration.


Colorescience makeup will not only provide coverage or camouflage a corn, it will also protect the foot with SPF 20. At Evolutions, we suggest using Colorescience mineral makeup on the backs of your hands and neck and chest area – these areas usually are comprised of thinner skin, and with years of sun exposure, can wrinkle and develop age spots just as the face can.
Santa Barbara’s Evolutions Medical Spa is proud to partner with the best medical grade skin care products, which includes Colorescience, and is always available at Evolutions! Stop by to check out the Colorescience line today!