The Hot Accessory for Spring: White Teeth!

Teeth Whitening in Santa Barbara at EvolutionsNow that we’re on the brink of Spring, we’re beginning to see people wearing bright colors in hues of  tangerine, yellow, electric blues and greens. And lots of floral and patterns – subdued or loud – on tops and jeans. There is no question that people are boldly embracing the trends that we’ve been seeing on the runways. Bold colors are fun, they make a statement! And the one accessory that will make your look “sparkle” this Spring is white teeth!

Evolutions Medical Spa offers the most effective teeth whitening in Santa Barbara outside of a dental office. Our SpaWhite service can brighten your smile with little to no sensitivity. We know that the main concern with teeth whitening is the sensitivity that it causes – for some it is intense (burning gums and sensitive teeth) and for others it is a non-issue. The culprit of the sensitivity is peroxide, which is the key ingredient in virtually all teeth whitening products and services. Some tooth bleach manufacturers artificially lower the pH of their peroxide to make it more stable, and less sensitive, but this also lowers the effectiveness. This is a case when innovation really counts!

Our SpaWhite teeth whitening service uses patented foam pads that are saturated with a specially formulated neutral pH peroxide gel. Coupled with an advanced, spectrum-controlled light specifically developed for the SpaWhite process, the whitening process is accelerated and intensified. For most people, one or two SpaWhite sessions is sufficient for an initial treatment.

Don’t let your clothes outshine you this Spring! Instead, match your bold statement with a dazzling bright smile!

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