Sublative RF Skin Rejuvenation at Santa Barbara Medical Spa

servicesEvolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara is now offering Sublative RF™ Skin Rejuvenation – the newest fractional skin resurfacing device on the market! The Sublative RF replaces the Matrix RF because it is 30% more powerful and a more comfortable treatment. If you want to improve your skin tone, texture and color, Sublative Rejuvenation is the treatment for you!

What does the Sublative RF treat?

  • Mild to moderate wrinkles, acne scars, brown spots and textural irregularities.

Who can have this treatment?

How does the treatment work?

  • A bipolar radio-frequency penetrates through the top layer of the skin, sending energy beneath the skin which maximizes collagen production. This newest Sublative RF treatment sends energy in a wider area beneath the skin than the older Matrix RF treatment, thus making the treatment more effective.

What will my skin look like after treatment and is there downtime?

  • Immediately post treatment your face may be pink or red. The only visible “injury” to the skin that may develop the next day, and/or a few days following, are teeny-tiny spots (comparable to the size of a pin point) that will go virtually unnoticed and can easily be covered with a facial mineral powder. There is no downtime although we do recommend that you use a sunblock and keep your skin shielded from the sun for a few days.

How many treatments are recommended?

  • For optimum results, Evolutions usually recommends a series of three treatments, about four to six weeks apart, but this may vary by skin condition.

Sublative RF Rejuvenation is exclusively offered in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties through Evolutions Medical Spa. Book a complimentary consultation for a Sublative RF Rejuvenation treatment by calling 805.687.0212.