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Exfoliate and hydrate your body with a blissful body wrap or scrub. For a special treat, schedule a treatment that includes a Vichy shower (more info below!).

We offer the following body treatments at Evolutions Day Spa:

  • Vichy Shower Treatments (included as part of several services below)
  • Sundari Nourishing Wrap
  • Parafango Slimming Body Wrap
  • Deep Sea Mud Detox Wrap
  • Signature Salt Stone Glow
  • Rejuvenating Body Scrub
  • Body Treatment Additions
  • Spa Packages

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About Vichy Shower Treatments

The Vichy shower is a truly unique spa experience that consists of a “rain bar” located over the treatment table plus a hand wand controlled by the therapist. Your entire body is washed with soothing, warm water. The hydrotherapy adds another level of relaxation and is a wonderful complement to our body wraps and scrubs. Treatments that include the Vichy Shower are indicated with a “V” Symbol. You may also add a 30 minute Vichy Shower and Body Scrub to an hour-long treatment for $65.00.


Sundari Nourishing Wrap “V”

This treatment starts with a complete body exfoliation in our Vichy shower room. You then move to a massage hut and warm oil is poured over your body before you are cocooned in a thermal blanket. As you enjoy the warm comfort of the wrap, a shoulder and neck massage is given, followed by a relaxing foot massage. To finish, your choice of a rich Ayurvedic body lotion is gently massaged into your skin.
90 minutes – $210

Parafango Slimming Body Wrap

Unique name, great treatment! Parafango (“Paraffin” wax + “Fango” – a special type of mineral mud) stimulates lymphatic flow, tones skin, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. The session begins with a dry brush to stimulate your lymphatic system as well as soften and prepare your skin. The Parafango mud is applied before you are wrapped in a thermal blanket. As you enjoy the relaxing warmth, the mud’s natural minerals tone and tighten your skin to reveal a slimmer, sleeker body. Wonderful before events!
75 minutes – $225

Detoxifying Mud Wrap “V”

Stimulate circulation and soften skin with a therapeutic dry body brush, and then improve texture and remove toxins with a special mud wrap. Hot stones are strategically placed to draw out impurities and to keep you toasty warm while wrapped in a thermal blanket. You are then rinsed under the Vichy shower and your experience concludes with a rich body lotion that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and renewed.
75 minutes – $175


Signature Salt Stone Glow “V”

Evolutions’ signature body treatment! Rinse your cares away with an exfoliating body scrub followed by a hot stone massage under a warm, rain-like flow from the Vichy shower. This treatment is sure to melt away tension and leave your skin feeling refreshed and new.
90 minutes – $210

Rejuvenating Body Scrub “V”

Smooth and enrich your skin from head to toe with a Sundari Ayurvedic body scrub that is rinsed under the Vichy shower. Your treatment concludes with the application of a hydrating cream that will leave your skin feeling like butter. You may also choose a special body scrub and lotion to compliment the season. Ask a staff member about the currently available seasonal scrub.
60 minutes – $130

Body Treatment Additions

  • ✦ Extra 15 minutes of massage – $30
  • ✦ Coconut Deep Conditioning Scalp Treatment – $30