Santa Barbara Sublative Rejuvenation Combo Packages from Evolutions Medical Spa

sublative_face_titleAt Evolutions Medical Spa, we continue to receive excellent feedback from our clients on our newest procedure, Sublative Rejuvenation. There is little to no pain associated with the treatment and it can be used to effectively treat and improve:

    • Skin irregularities (i.e., acne scarring)


    • General tone, texture, and color of skin


    • Skin laxity (including the face and chest!)


    • Mild to moderate wrinkles


  • Sun damage, age spots, and other unwanted pigmentation

Though it’s a great treatment by itself, Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Perkins has recently finished protocols for combination treatments with Sublative/Total Tightening (for the best non-invasive tightening procedure available anywhere) and Sublative/FotoFacial (for a “supercharged” skin rejuvenation series). Most of these combo treatments include product credit so you can combine the in office treatments with medical grade home care for maximum benefit!

Finally, there are new “small area” treatment tips available at a reduced price. These are perfect for around the eyes and mouth or for concentrated problem areas (such as acne scarring on the cheeks).

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