Obagi Medical Products in the News!

Skinnovations, our Education at Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara Event, is rapidly approaching (this Wednesday, February 24th, more details here) featuring Obagi Medical Products -the #1 physician-dispensed skin care in the country.


Obagi, available at Evolutions, is one of the hand-selected skin care lines that Evolutions founder and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins has chosen to carry because the products are clinically-proven skin care systems that prevent and improve skin disorders in adult skin.
At Evolutions we highly recommend Obagi products to our clients and the feedback we hear is that they love the results that Obagi products yield. Our clients are not alone! Over the next few days, we will be featuring Obagi Medical Products that have been making news! Read on for the buzz on Obagi’s Nu-Derm System!


Obagi’s Nu-Derm System transforms skin from the cellular level resulting in healthier and younger skin. Recently the Nu-Derm System made big news as it was given to every audience member on The Ellen Degeneres Show.
The Nu-Derm Foaming Gel was featured in the December/January issue of LA Confidential. It is featured in the “Can’t Live Without” section, where Chef Thomas Keller talks about his favorite things. When asked what products can be found on his bathroom shelf, he said that he uses the Obagi Medical Product Nu-Derm Foaming Gel.
The Nu-Derm Blender was featured in the Winter/Spring issue of NewBeauty. It is featured in a story titled, “How to Stop the Spots.” The story also features an Obagi Medical Product Nu-Derm patient before and after image.

Visit Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara for more information about Obagi Medical Products and RSVP for the Skinnovations Event, featuring Obagi Medical Products, today – 805.687.0212.