Exclusive Non-Invasive Skin Tightening in Santa Barbara by Evolutions Medical Spa

Would you be interested in looking refreshed and youthful with firmer skin without the down time of a face lift from cosmetic surgery? Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara offers a package called Total Tightening which synergistically combines the two top non-invasive skin tightening procedures on the market today, ReFirme and Titan, into a single treatment that maximizes the benefits of both.

Each treatment works to tighten existing collagen in your skin as well as stimulate new collagen skin_tightening_titanproduction, resulting in a firmer, “fresher” look. Usually clients can see a difference after only one procedure, though because results are cumulative when the procedure is done 4-6 weeks apart, a package of four treatments is typically recommended.
The Total Tightening protocol was developed by Dr. Terry Perkins, founder and medical director of Evolutions and a practicing Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon. For more than 30 years, Dr. Perkins has been performing aesthetic facial surgery to give patients a well-rested, “natural” look. Dr. Perkins understands that people lead busy lives and that is why he a skin tightening procedure that can show results in as little as one treatment (a series is recommended for optimum results) without the use of surgery or needles!
For more information on Santa Barbara skin tightening procedures, book a complimentary consultation online or call Evolutions Medical Spa at 805.687.0212.