Evolutions Medical Spa Event Reviewed in Santa Barbara’s Independent Paper Online

Evolutions Article CLIPPEDEvolutions Medical Spa’s Anniversary Event held last week was featured yesterday on the homepage of Santa Barbara’s Independent weekly paper, that is also available online at Independent.com!

The entire article, by Independent report Lyz Hoffman, is below:

Evolutions SPA Celebrates Fourth Anniversary
Cosmetic Surgeon Lauded as Educator

By Lyz Hoffman

Rarely, it would seem, is a cosmetic surgeon praised equally for his ability to teach as for his ability to transform. Yet the fourth anniversary of Evolutions Medical Spa was a testament to Dr. Terry Perkins role as educator. Injected with enthusiasm, filled with food, and plumped with passers-by and RSVP-ers alike, the annual affair was held at Evolutions’ State Street location on January 27.

But the evening offered more than just discounted services, a raffle drawing, and gift bags. It offered those in attendance—well over 200 people—some insight into what makes Perkins’s spa so reputable and popular.

A double board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Perkins is always eager—in fact, insistent—on being involved, according to spa director Carrie Vuich. “Dr. Perkins trains all the nurses himself,” Vuich said, so as to ensure accuracy, safety, and satisfaction for his 1,500 clients.

Lorrie Thomas, a Web Marketing Therapy consultant for Evolutions’ online endeavors, praised Perkins’s commitment to his clients, herself included. Calling him “so ethical, so good,” Thomas said she believes him to be “an educator,” as he “helps people make decisions based on options.”

Perkins’s emphasis on education was on display at the anniversary fete, as the doctor did not hesitate to answer questions posted by both guests and clients. “I want the patients to be happy with what they do,” Dr. Perkins said. Client satisfaction is, in turn, what seems to satisfy Dr. Perkins. Mingling amongst the crowd, Perkins seemed at ease, at home, happy. “It’s nice to have people come around and enjoy themselves,” he said.