Evolutions Medical Spa Crazy Gorgeous Skin Event Recap and Learn the Basics of a Great Home Care Skin Regimen

On Wedneday Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara hosted an event called Crazy Gorgeous Skin which was dedicated to home care regimens for your skin. We had several representatives on hand for some of the skin care products that we carry such as Revaleskin, DNA, Colorescience and Clarisonic. We had a great turn out and several of our guests won generous raffle prizes! One client won the Revaleskin basket with the Day Cream SPF 15, Night Cream and Replenishing Eye Therapy cream. Revaleskin products are made with the potent CoffeeBerry® extract that is rich in antioxidants to fend off aging and cell damage. Our client was so pleased that she promised us that she would review the product after a few weeks use. Stay tuned for a guest blog post soon!

Did you know that the product lines Evolutions carries are all carefully selected by Dr. Perkins for their excellent reputations, therapeutic value, and high level of client satisfaction? Many of these lines utilize patented technologies and are only able to be sold by physicians. Furthermore, rather than carry entire lines, Dr. Perkins has hand-picked the “best of the best” of each line!
We’d like to share with you the basic building blocks of a great home care regimen:
skin-careCLEANSERS are the first step in any skin care program. It is necessary to clean make-up, dirt, and oil from your skin in order to allow the therapeutic products to have a maximum effect. Poor cleansing can also result in clogged pores.
EXFOLIANTS work by increasing cell turnover. As we age, cell turnover decreases, which can give the skin a “dull” look and/or a rough, uneven color and feel. By helping to remove the outer skin layers, exfoliants “freshen” the skin, as well as allow other therapeutic products to penetrate more effectively. Furthermore, with proper use, exfoliants help the skin to become more hydrated.
ANTIOXIDANTS fight against the free radical injury (environmental chemical compounds that cause skin DNA damage) that is associated with sun damage, skin aging, and skin cancer. Topical application of “active” antioxidants is far more effective than oral ingestion. Consistent use of antioxidant skin care helps repair prior environmental damage as well as decreases future damage.

RETINOIDS help to normalize skin cell growth. They decrease the development of abnormal cells (such as cancer), pigment clumping (brown spots), and the activity of some enzymes that cause skin degradation. They also work to increase collagen and elastic production, which makes the skin look healthier and more youthful.

SUN PROTECTION (UV Protection) is the most basic and important thing you can do for your skin. It is critical to wear a broadband (UVA and UVB) sunscreen every day as the damage UV radiation causes leads to premature aging, abnormal pigmentation, spider veins, and skin cancer. UVB rays cause sunburns and directly damage DNA. UVA rays penetrate more deeply, creating oxidative damage that causes aging and skin sagging. Please note that UVA rays are present even on cloudy days and the majority of sun damage is caused by incidental exposure (not “laying out”). If you do nothing else for your skin, wear a good sunscreen daily!

Depending on your skin type and condition, these might also be important:

MOISTURIZERS help skin appear smoother and younger by hydrating cells. This reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles, makes the skin recover faster from environmental stressors, and decreases water loss through the skin.
SKIN TYPE SPECIFIC PRODUCTS. Depending on your skin type and condition (i.e., acne prone, mature, dry, etc), specific products may provide additional benefit.
Building a great home care regimen can be confusing and intimidating! Evolutions is happy to help you! Call us (687.0212) to schedule a complimentary consultation!