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New Medical Clinician at Evolutions & Training Opportunities

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest full time medical clinician, Eloise Johnns.

Eloise Johnns Evolutions Spa Santa BarbaraEloise is a Nurse Practitioner with 10 years of experience in nursing (five years as an advanced practitioner). She has most recently worked in pain management and wellness clinics and has performed Botox/Dysport injections for migraines and aesthetics. She has also helped develop and implement tailored weight loss programs for clients to attain their personal health goals.

She is excited to move into aesthetic medicine full-time and we are happy to have her as part of the Evolutions’ team!


Even though Eloise is already a seasoned professional, as with all medical clinicians at Evolutions, she will undergo an extensive training program in aesthetics over the next several months. This will provide interested clients with a number of training opportunities.

Training prices are:

  • 50% off for regular clients
  • 50% off for Silver VIP members*
  • 75% off for Gold VIP members*

*Gold and Silver VIP members receive priority booking for training treatments.
(Interested in joining our VIP Membership Program? Call us at 805-695-2160 to learn more or visit our VIP Membership page.)

In September Dr. Perkins will be training Eloise on:

  • Dysport
  • Botox

The training on dermal fillers likely won’t start until October, but we will be putting people on the training list for fillers starting this month as well.

If you are interested in being a training model, please call us at 805-695-2160 to put your name on the list.**

**Please note that putting your name on the training list does not guarantee that you will be able to receive a treatment at the training price. There are a limited number of appointments available and everyone might not be able to be accommodated.  


Day Spa Spotlight: Pumpkin Facial and Pumpkin Body Glow

Fall is just around the corner, so it’s not too early to bring back two of our most popular seasonal treatments, the Pumpkin Facial and Pumpkin Body Glow!

  • Pumpkin Facial Santa BarbaraRich in vitamins A and C and full of fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), pumpkin is a treat for the skin.
  • Pumpkin helps to increase cell turnover, brighten, soothe and smooth the skin.

We are excited to feature two pumpkin based treatments this season!


Similar to a Rejuvenating Facial, but utilizes the therapeutic Pumpkin Mask, which uses the power of pumpkin, antioxidants, and salicylic acid to smooth rough skin, reduce breakouts, and promote an even skin tone. The Pumpkin Facial also includes a pumpkin based toner filled with amino acids and enzymes that leaves the skin healthy and glowing.


The Pumpkin Body Glow treatment starts with a pumpkin scrub – naturally rich in beta carotene and active enzymes – that renews tired skin while gently drawing out impurities and toxins. After your therapist applies this amazing body scrub and washes it off with the seven jets of the Vichy Shower, you will receive a French Sugared Vanilla Silk and Honey body hydration.These handmade premium natural ingredients are reminiscent of warm pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream. Yum!


Both the facial and body treatments are 60 minute services, normally priced at $120 each.

  • For the month of September, each service will be $15 off!
  • OR Enjoy both treatments – the Pumpkin Facial and Body Glow – for $200! (a $40 savings)*

 *Not valid with any other promotions or discounts


Skincare Product Spotlight: Nia24

Nia24 skincare in santa barbaraOne of the best ways to fight aging is the daily use of sunscreen. (We recently blogged about how important sunscreen is, read it here.) While using sunscreen helps prevent sun damage, it does not address past sun and environmental damage that may be making your skin look older. If you are looking for an at home skincare product to combat sun damage, we recommend Nia24 – our skincare product spotlight in this post.

Sun Damage Happens on the Cellular Level

Exposing your skin to UV rays can cause your cells to enter into a photo-excited state which leads to the formation of free radicals, oxidation, and cellular damage. The UV rays can also cause changes or mutations in the DNA within cells, causing the cells to function differently than normal cells. Over time, the cells struggle with self-repair and signs of sun damage start to emerge in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (“sun” or “liver” spots), and possibly precancerous lesions.

How does Nia24 address sun damage?

Nia24 goes to the DNA level to repair sun damage. NAD (the active form of Niacin) is one of the components that the body uses to repair damaged DNA. Nia24 products contain Pro-Niacin, a patented molecule of Niacin/Vitamin B3,  that penetrates the skin barrier to help cells self-repair. Healthier skin cells are generated within the epidermis and the result is a reduction in the visible signs of sun damage.

Pro-Niacin has been clinically tested and proven to work within the skin barrier. Some of the benefits include:

  • Renewed skin texture
  • Improved firmness
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduction in the appearance of dark spots / discoloration
  • Increased cell turnover / renewal

Nia24 products can be used by any skin type. These are the best-selling Nia products at our Santa Barbara medical and day spa:

  • Skin Strengthening Complex: An anti-oxidant rich moisturizer with 5% Pro-Niacin. It is nourishing, without being greasy, and will fortify your skin, improve elasticity, and visibly reduce discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Intensive Recovery Complex: This is a richer cream that locks in moisture so the skin looks fuller and firmer. It also brightens to restore radiance and reduce the appearance of discolorations.
  • Intensive Retinol Repair: This retinol will increase cell turnover for stronger skin and visibly improve skin tone, texture, and discoloration. It is moisturizing so your skin should not show signs of irritation or drying out.
  • Rapid Exfoliating Serum: A gentle, leave-on re-surfacing treatment that exfoliates dull skin for improved tone and texture.

Incorporating Nia24 into your skincare routine is easy. Replace your current moisturizer with the Skin Strengthening Complex or the Intensive Recovery Complex. To increase cellular turnover, add Intensive Retinol Repair before the moisturizer (after cleansing). The Rapid Exfoliating Serum is gentle enough to use daily or on an as-needed basis.

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing Nia24 skincare, call or stop by.


Update on our Santa Barbara Day Spa Upgrade

Our Vichy shower is one of the most popular treatments because it is extremely relaxing. It is a “rain bar” that is located above the treatment table that washes your body with soothing, warm water. The Vichy shower is a wonderful complement to our body wraps and scrubs and is also available as an add-on to any hour long treatment.

Recently we gave our Vichy shower room a complete upgrade. The new Vichy shower has eight separate water spouts (the old one had seven) and is amazing!

Here is a snapshot of the room that we wanted to share so you can get a feeling for how it looks. (We will update our website with professional photos soon!)

vichy shower at evolutions santa barbara


Call us (805-695-2160) to schedule your body treatment or body scrub today.


Hand Rejuvenation Treatment in Santa Barbara

As we age, the natural fat that gives the back of our hands a youthful look begins to diminish, skin becomes looser, and blood vessels become more noticeable. These are telltale signs of aging. Now you can restore the youthful look of your hands with one of our Hand Volumizing Treatments, which we are excited to officially launch this month.  

Our “standard” and “plus” treatments are a quick (less than an hour) and easy way to fix this aging concern shared by millions of Americans. Results are instantaneous and last for a year or more.

hand rejuvenation with radiesse in santa barbara

Call us today (805) 695-2160 to book your Hand Volumizing Treatment. 


Sunscreen: One of the Best Anti-Aging Products

One of the easiest ways to fight the physical signs of aging is simple. Use sunscreen daily.

We are exposed to UV (ultraviolet) rays daily – even when it’s overcast or rainy outside – that cause damage and aging to our skin. Here is a quick overview of how the different UV rays can affect your skin:

  • UVA rays – think of them as “Aging” rays – they cause your skin to wrinkle and sag.
  • UVB rays – “Burning” rays – they cause sun damage (hyperpigmentation / sun spots).
  • UVC rays – “Cancer” causing rays – these are usually absorbed by the ozone layer but a very brief exposure can result in a burn.

We recommend wearing sunscreen year round, even if you are inside most of the day. UV rays penetrate through windows (of a car, house, office) and exposure that happens in little amounts of time, such as walking to and from your car, can cumulatively cause damage.

If your makeup has SPF in it, think of that as a “bonus”. Often the SPF in a foundation is not sufficient to give you the coverage that you should have so use a facial sunscreen under it.

epionce sunscreen santa barbaraAt Evolutions, we have a variety of sunscreen options that are specifically for the face from medical grade skincare lines such as Obagi, PCA Skin, Luzern, Nia24, and TiZO. This year we’ve added a new sunscreen that is well-liked by our staff and clients: Epionce, Daily Shield Lotion Tinted SPF 50 Sunscreen (pictured).

Epionce protects the skin while providing an elegant finish that evens out skin tone in a very natural-looking way. The tint works well for most skin tones and types. It provides broad-spectrum SFP 50 UV protection and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Call us (805-695-2197) or stop by if you need to replenish your sunscreen supply or are looking to try something new. We are always happy to help!


Botox, Dysport, Xeomin: Top Cosmetic Treatments in the US

Last year there were over 7.4 million Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin treatments in the US. 

According to the 2018 National Plastic Surgery Statistics report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Botox, Dsyport, and Xeomin are up 845% from a mere 786,911 treatments in 2000.

Why is Botox so popular? At our Santa Barbara medical spa, our clients tell us they love Botox/Dysport because:

  • It’s a quick treatment with no downtime
  • Botox / Dysport is affordable (in comparison with a plastic surgery procedure)
  • Great results!

Botox and Dysport are primarily used to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet (around the eyes). It may be used in other areas of the face (only recommended if your nurse is trained and experienced). Injected Botox blocks the signal from the nerves to the muscles which prevents them from contracting. The result is a softening and relaxing of wrinkles in the injected area. A Botox/Dysport treatment takes about 30 minutes and there is very little discomfort. Most people see full results one to two weeks after the appointment. Results last 3 to 4+ months.

If you are considering Botox/Dsyport, call us to today (805-695-2197) to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online.


Santa Barbara Day Spa Upgrades and Remodel Discount

Day Spa Upgrades and Remodel Discount

Vichy Shower at Evolutions Spa Santa Barbara
Vichy Shower Room at Evolutions

We will be giving our beloved Vichy Shower room a facelift this month.  The remodel/refresh will take a week, from Monday, March 25th until Monday, April 1st.  Due to the demolition noise, we will be closing the Day Spa from Monday through Wednesday.  The setting of the tile will not be as loud of a process, so we are going to partially open the Day Spa between Thursday, March 28th through Saturday, March 30th.  During those three days, we will be offering all Day Spa clients a 30% off “remodel discount”  

Operations on the medical spa side will not be affected during this process.

Call today (805) 695-2160 – appointment times are limited!

* All of the above offers cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.


Evolutions Medical & Day Spa Anniversary Event 2019

Happy Birthday to Us! Evolutions is now 13 years old!

Thank you for your support over the last 13 years and for helping us become the largest medical & day spa in Santa Barbara!
– – – – –
We invite you to help us celebrate at our Anniversary Open House
(our biggest event of the year!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

– – – – –

  • Discounts on Services & Products (Up to 20% off select series/treatments, 15% off all products)
  • Numerous Raffles and Games (Over $10,000 worth of prizes will be raffled plus thousands more in spa services will be won on our prize wheel!)
  • Free Mineral Make-up Application
  • Complimentary Mini-Treatments and Mini-Massages
  • Interactive education on your skin

Don’t Miss This Great Event! 

No RSVP Necessary – we look forward to seeing you on February 20th!

350 Chapala Street Suite 103 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 
Phone: 805-695-2210

2019wed20feb3:00 pm7:00 pmEvolutions Anniversary Open HouseWe invite you to help us celebrate at our Anniversary Open House (our biggest event of the year!)3:00 pm – 7:00 pm PST Evolutions Medical Spa, 350 Chapala Street Suite 103, Santa Barbara, CA


Santa Barbara Day Spa Valentine’s Day Specials 2019

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with a Spa Day (and great offers) for you and/or your Valentine!

Glow from Head-to-Toe Valentine’s “Treat”ment

Vichy Shower at Evolutions Spa Santa Barbara
Vichy Shower Room at Evolutions

This combo treatment starts with a 60 minute Body Scrub in our Vichy shower room (pictured). You will receive a decadent and antioxidant-rich Chocolate and Peppermint body scrub to buff & smooth your skin, followed by a muscle melting massage with a deeply moisturizing Vanilla Silk & Honey lotion.

You will then transition to a 60 minute Organic Facial featuring DNA Skin products and an amazing aromatic Floral Bliss Mist. The essential oils of Neroli and Rose help to stabilize the pH of the skin, aid in moisture retention, and support healthy cell growth.

  • The combination treatment special price is $195 ($45 savings)
  • Choose either of the above services alone for $100 ($20 savings)

These specials will be good all Valentine’s Week (February 11 – 16, 2019)

Additionally, all female day spa clients having treatments on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) or the two following days (February 15th and 16th) will receive a long stem rose and chocolate treat!

Call today (805) 695-2160 – appointment times are limited!

* All of the above offers cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.