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for Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin

As we age, our body’s ability to repair itself slows down; our cells work less efficiently and are replaced less often. With Multiwave LED Therapy, we can help to reduce and even reverse some of the effects of aging by increasing the energy in the cells to effectively stimulate them to work as they did when they were younger. Multiwave LED Therapy is painless, safe, and effective – with no downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Light Therapy

LED Light therapy is a gentle process by which energy is delivered to the skin via light emitting diodes (LED’s) and is absorbed by the cells for therapeutic benefits through a process called “photo-stimulation.” The various energy wavelengths (red, blue, infrared, green, and amber) penetrate the skin to different depths stimulating different metabolic activities, providing the energy cells need (ATP) to activate production of new collagen and elastin and increase circulation; leaving your skin healthier and younger-looking.

The basic purpose and benefit of light therapy are to promote Biomodulation, the normalization of cellular function; promoting cells to operate as they should.

LED Light Therapy can:

✦ Accelerate skin repair
✦ Reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks
✦ Tighten and firm skin
✦ Reduce the appearance of sun spots and blemishes
✦ Reduce the appearance of acne
✦ Promote the production of collagen and elastin
✦ Increase circulation
✦ Increase oxygenation and moisture
✦ Promote nutrition to the skin
✦ Restore a healthy glow to your skin 

Most LED systems used today offer therapies comprised of a single or dual wavelength for photostimulation, often resulting in longer treatment times necessary to achieve a favorable result. With the advanced technology of the Multiwave system, you can experience the benefit of combination light therapy! Because of the unique design, the Multiwave system is able to offer complex light therapy treatments through the use of multiple wavelengths (red, blue, infrared, amber, and green). By combining complex sequences of visible light and infrared light, we can reduce the treatment time while increasing the effectiveness of each treatment. 15 distinct preprogrammed sessions are available to best meet your individual needs.

✦ Acne
✦ Fine lines and wrinkles
✦ Hypo and Hyper Pigmentation
✦ Irritated Skin
✦ Bruises
✦ Sun Damaged Skin
✦ Stretch Marks
✦ Scars

Treatments last for about 15 minutes. They are completely painless.

To achieve desired results, the number of treatments will vary depending on the client (physical condition, age, skin type, diet, and lifestyle) and their concern(s). In most cases, several treatments will be necessary. Evolutions sell series of 5 and 10 treatments. They are scheduled once or twice a week until desired results are achieved. For ongoing conditions (i.e., acne), monthly maintenance treatments are recommended.

With each treatment of light therapy, your skin will benefit, however, not everyone will see results immediately (though many clients do report subtle changes after even their first session, including softer, smoother skin, and improvement in skin color). Light therapy is much like going to the gym, dramatic changes are not seen right away. Typically clients report noticeable changes between the fourth and sixth sessions.

Absolutely, in fact, it is typically recommended to supplement Multiwave treatments with other services available at Evolutions. Multiwave treatments are included in some of our medical facials and can be “added-on” to all facials, peels, and laser procedures.

Per treatment – $85 Add-on (same visit as facial, peel, or laser procedure) – $45 Series (5 treatments) – $375 Series (10 treatments) – $600