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Chemical Peels




As skin ages, the natural exfoliation process tends to slow down. This leads to “dull-looking” skin. Assisting this exfoliation process is beneficial to achieving and/or maintaining clear, youthful looking skin. This can be done either through mechanical exfoliation, such as DermaSweep MD, Vibradermabrasion, or Microdermabrasion, or chemical exfoliation, through chemical peels.

Evolutions offer a variety of light, medium, and deep peels, to meet your specific needs.

Comfort and Blue Peels also include a complimentary mini-Vibraderm treatment one week after your peel. This helps to remove any residual peeling skin as well as give your skin a smooth, fresh texture.

Flash Peel (Very Light Peel)

A very light peel that uses a combination of glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. Your skin will GLOW after this quick and easy treatment! (Perfect for special events!)

Individual treatment – $120
Series of 5 – $500

Obagi Radiance Peel (Light Peel)

Obagi, the number one name in medical skincare worldwide, has created this light and comfortable, superficial exfoliation with no peeling. It can be used by all skin types to deliver improvements in the appearance of skin tone and texture.

Individual treatment – $120
Series of 5 – $500

Jessner’s Peel (Light / Medium Peel)

A tried and true peel that was invented by Dr. Max Jessner in the 1920s. Anywhere from 2 to 4 layers can be applied, depending on the amount of peeling (and result) desired. Evolutions also offer modified Jessner’s peels available to further target specific skin concerns.

Individual treatment – $195
Series of 5 – $850

Dermasweep MD PeelFusion (Medium)

Combines both mechanical and chemical exfoliation in a single treatment to provide a great result with minimal downtime. A DermaSweep exfoliation is immediately followed by an infusion of a medium strength chemical peel. Because the top layers of skin have already been removed, there is less peeling and “social downtime” than with a comparable chemical peel alone.

Each procedure is customized depending on skin type, the preferred level of exfoliation and results desired. You will have visible results after one treatment, but a series of (5) treatments is highly recommended.

Individual treatment – $225
Chest and D collet Add-On: $100
Series of 5 – $995

Alpha Beta Peel (“Strong” Medium Peel)

Our most popular peel. An aggressive, medium-depth chemical and physical exfoliation leads to quick (4-5 days) and consistent results. The Alpha Beta peel can be layered to customize the depth of peel based on client desires. An excellent way to help achieve and maintain healthy skin.

Price includes a post peel home care kit and a complimentary mini-Vibraderm treatment 10 -14 days after the peel.

Individual treatment – $280
Series of 5 – $1250

Obagi Blue Peel (Deep Peel)

Achieve a significant result within a relatively short time period. Our most aggressive peel, the Obagi Peel will significantly improve your complexion, give you firmer, clearer, smoother, healthier and more youthful-looking skin. A particularly good peel for clients with pigmentation issues.

Price includes a post peel home care kit and a complimentary mini-Vibraderm treatment 10 -14 days after the peel.


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Diane D. Avatar
Diane D.
5 star rating

Should be called Evolutions Medical  & Day Ahhhhh Spa.  That's how I feel when I walk out the door.  Whether I have had a Dysport treatment with Jean or a facial with Mimi or Piper....I feel very pampered.  The new location is very peaceful which is lacking in other day spas in town. Years ago I decided to try this spa because of great reputation of Dr. Perkins.  I have been a loyal client from appt. one!

June D. Avatar
June D.
5 star rating

I have been a client of Dr. Perkins and Evolutions for many years.  For anyone who wants filler, I recommend Allison.  She is an artist.  She does beautiful, precise work.   My lips look fabulous.  Thank you, Allison!

Staci M. Avatar
Staci M.
5 star rating

From the minute I walked in, I knew this was going to be an amazing day spa. The staff was very pleasant from the moment I walked in. Dr. Perkins was the one who treated me that day. I had Botox done. He explained the whole process to me as he was doing the procedure. The nurse was also extremely helpful and funny. As I checked out I was looking at all the products that they sale. The front office staff answered all my questions, pleasantly!! I will always come here for my treatments, as well as a visit to get a massage one day!

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