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Santa Barbara Day Spa Escape at Evolutions: Event Recap

On Wednesday evening at Evolutions Medical and Day Spa, we held an event to introduce our Day Spa services. Attendees were treated to complimentary mini-treatments of massage, facials, Vibraderm, Microdermabrasion, DermaSweep, and Glo Mineral make-up application. Our lead estheticians also spoke about our day spa services offered. Our recap follows:


At Evolutions we have highly-trained massage therapists. Although massage is usually thought of as a pampering service, there are many therapeutic benefits of massage such as reducing stress, muscle tension, and pain. A massage can also help you feel and look better and sleep better. Massage may also be helpful in reducing headaches (or migraines), insomnia, digestive disorders, and anxiety. Studies have shown that receiving a massage on a consistent basis can boost the benefits you receive.

Evolutions offers a variety of massage services in 60, 75, or 90 minute sessions. View our Massage Menu on our website for additional information and pricing. 

FACIALS at Evolutions

Our facial menu is the true fusion of luxurious and clinical. All our facials are designed to lull you into a deep relaxation while giving you results that you would expect from a physician’s office. We address many skin concerns, including:

  • Santa Barbara Facials at EvolutionsRejuvenation of your skin (Rejuvenating Facial, 60 minutes)
  • Sun damage and dry or stressed skin (Corrective Facial, 60 minutes)
  • Acne and blemish-prone skin (Express Acne Facial, 45 minutes, or Acne Facial, 80 minutes)
  • Aging skin (Frozen In Time DNA Facial, 90 minutes, or Age-Defying Oxygen Facial, 90 minutes)
  • Sensitive skin (Organic Facial, 60 minutes)

View our Santa Barbara Facials Menu for detailed information and pricing.


Santa Barbara Body Scrubs at EvolutionsTreat your body to a full exfoliation and hydration. Our Body Wraps are designed to nourish the skin from head to toe. Add a Vichy Shower Treatment to either of our Body Wraps (Aloe Coconut or Naturally Nourishing) for a fully relaxing experience. The Vichy Shower Treatment – named for an area in France that is known for their therapeutic waters – is a horizontal shower with seven jets that stream warm water over your body while lying on a treatment bed. It is truly a unique experience and only available in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Day Spa. All of our Body Scrubs (Chocolate Dream, Salt Stone Glow, and Abyhanga Dosha) include a Vichy Shower.

View our Body Treatments Menu for more details and pricing.


We are now offering a wider variety of mechanical exfoliation treatments to encourage cell turnover for fresher, more youthful skin. These are stand-alone treatments or can be added to any facial.

  • DermaSweep MD is our most advanced physical exfoliation that is done with a patented treatment tip that allows the clinician to “sweep away” dead skin quickly and painlessly. The treatment is customized with an infusion to treat skin-specific concerns such as acne, dehydration, or hyperpigmentation.
  • DiamondTome Crystal Free Microdermabrasion removes the outer dead layer of skin to promote growth of healthy new skin.
  • Vibradermabrasion uses abrasive paddles that vibrate at a rapid rate to stimulate collagen production and allow products a deeper level of penetration. The treatment is quick and pain-free.


Waxing is also available at Evolutions Day Spa. For areas and pricing, view our Waxing Menu.

To book an appointment for any day spa service, call Evolutions at 805-687-0212.


New Colorescience Mineral Makeup Starter Kit Now at Evolutions

colorescience 2BkitAt Evolutions Medical Spa our clients often ask us for make-up recommendations. Often they are looking for make-up that provides coverage and has the potential to protect their skin from the strong Santa Barbara sun. We recommend Colorescience mineral make-up because:

  • The loose mineral pigments are purely natural, without additives. No oils, perfumes, talcs or alcohols. They are free of traditional ingredients that can irritate the skin or clog the pores.
  • The minerals are naturally anti-inflammatory and act as an antiseptic on the skin, soothing and keeping the skin clean.
  • The minerals overlay onto the skin and form a protective barrier from the onslaught of environmental pollutants.
  • Now is the perfect time to try Colorescience mineral make-up because they have introduced ColoreScience Starter Kits. These kits contain travel size versions of the four essential steps to an even complexion and flawless skin:

  • Face Primer SPF 20 fills lines and wrinkles while setting the stage for seamless make-up application.
  • Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sun Protection SPF 30 keeps skin healthy and provides very water resistant UVA and UVB sun protection as it smoothes and mattifies.
  • Mineral Foundation SPF 20 is a powder formula that feels as smooth as cream and does not dry the skin. It can be layered for a flawless finish.
  • Setting Mist keeps your make-up and sun protection in place while hydrating your skin. Use throughout the day to revitalize your look.
  • Bonus! Mini Kabuki Brush provided for use with the Sunforgettable Mineral Powder and Mineral Foundation.
    • The Colorescience Starter Kit is available in different shades to ensure the products perfectly match your skin type. Available now in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Medical Spa for $60.

      Schedule a complimentary mineral make-up consultation at Evolutions today – 805-687-0212.


      Colorescience Make-Up in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Medical Spa

      Colorescience mineral make-up is one of the skincare lines hand-selected by Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins at Evolutions Medical Spa because it is completely free of the dyes, talcs, fillers, mineral oil, perfumes, and other ingredients found in traditional lines. In addition to that, Colorescience gives beautiful results without disrupting healthy skin function.

      With Spring rapidly approaching, which often means stronger sun rays and Health_Mar_2010longer time spent outdoors, it is important to remember your sun protection (although at Evolutions we think it is important to maintain sun protection year round). Colorescience makes it easy to apply, and re-apply, a powerful and portable SPF 30 that is a clear powder. Highlighted in Women’s Health Magazine (March 2010), the Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable is great for any adult skin type – and kids too!

      Here is what Women’s Health Magazine said:


      “Dust your face with a mineral-powder sunscreen to keep oil in check and reboot your SPF. Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable SPF 30 is a clear powder that provides long-lasting protection and is gentle enough for those with rosacea or eczema.”

      Evolutions Medical Spa carries Colorescience in Santa Barbara. Drop by Evolutions to peruse the Colorescience product line including sun protection products (Sunforgettable) and mineral make-up face products.