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Evolutions Santa Barbara Spa Gift Card Promotion

Evolutions Santa Barbara Spa Gift Card Promotion

Evolutions Medical & Day Spa in Santa Barbara is offering a gift card promotion only for the month of December! Purchase a gift card and save, plus an get extra treat from us:

  • Buy a $100 Gift Card for $90
  • Buy a $500 Gift Certificate for $450 plus get a FREE* 60 minute massage (a $120 value to use for yourself of give away to someone else)

Other dollar amounts are available too. *Limit 1 free massage per person.

Gift Cards can be used toward any of our medical spa treatments, day spa services or products. Call us today at (805) 695-2160 to purchase gift cards or come in to see us.


Santa Barbara Day Spa Facial

Life is busy and we know that it is not always possible to take off for a week, a weekend, or even a day! We do know that it is important for your mind, body, and soul to take a break from every day stress, even if it is just for a small amount of time.

One way to take a timeout is to treat yourself (and your body) to 60 or 90 minute massage, facial, body scrub or wrap at our Santa Barbara Day Spa. This is the perfect “mini stay-cation” – without leaving home!

Evolutions Mini Stay-dation idea: Age-Defying Oxygen Facial

Instantly breathe life into your skin with pure and concentrated oxygen mist combined with high potency, organic serums imported from the Swiss Alps.

This amazing 90 minute facial is custom blended to meet your skin’s individual needs and is excellent for all skin types. The combination of advanced oxygen technology and ultra-premium products helps promote long term skin health while immediately leaving your skin firm, fresh, and glowing!

Before or after your treatment, be sure to relax and detoxify with a dry sauna and/or a soothing cup of tea while putting your feet up in our Tea Lounge (both complimentary with your treatment).


Evolutions Day Spa offers an escape from life’s everyday stress!

Santa Barbara Day Spa

View our complete Santa Barbara day spa menu here
Call today (805-695-2189) to book your day spa appointment. 




miraDry in Santa Barbara at Evolutions

Evolutions is excited to announce that we are offering miraDry, a clinically proven, FDA-cleared solution for significantly reducing under arm sweat!

  • Do you sweat too much under your arms?
  • Do you worry about having a bad underarm odor at the end of the day?
  • Are you tired of wearing aluminum-based antiperspirants that don’t work well anyway?
  • Are you sick of ruining your clothes because of excessive sweating and the products available to try to stop it?
  • Would you like to safely reduce the amount you sweat under your arms significantly and permanently?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, call us Today (805-695-2189) to schedule a complimentary consultation for miraDry, the amazing new treatment available in Santa Barbara exclusively at Evolutions!

More about miraDry:

  • The system uses precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to eliminate underarm sweat glands for good.
  • The procedure is non-invasive and usually takes 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • After 1 treatment, clinical studies showed that average underarm sweat reduction was 82%. Results will vary and some people (particularly people with very active sweat glands) may require a second treatment.
  • Sweat glands do not regenerate or grow back so once they are gone, they are gone!
  • Your underarm sweat glands are 2% of what your body contains so eliminating them does not affect your body’s ability to cool itself and your body will not start sweating more in other areas to “compensate.”

Contact us at (805-295-2189) to book a complimentary consultation to learn more about miraDry in Santa Barbara.

Ask us about our Introductory Special available through April 30, 2015!


Get a Monthly Massage in Santa Barbara at Evolutions

Evolutions Santa Barbara Massage Duet (Couples) Room
Evolutions Medical & Day Spa offers a Santa Barbara Massage Duet (Couples) Room

Massage has many benefits for the body and mind. A massage can alleviate pain, enhance the immune system, lessen anxiety and depression, promote circulation to vital organs including the skin, relieve migraine pain, relax sore or tight muscles, and help a person manage stress (and this is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many more benefits). The aftereffects of a massage are just as beneficial and include enhanced sleep quality, greater concentration and energy, clarity, and reduced fatigue. Many health experts are recommending massage on a regular basis as part of a person’s well-being routine. At Evolutions Medical & Day Spa, we fully support this idea and we have a way to make it easy for you to have a monthly massage in Santa Barbara!

Our VIP Membership program is designed to give you access to monthly massages. We offer two membership levels – Gold and Silver. Our Gold membership is for those who are interested in our Medical and Day Spa services. Our Silver membership is for those who are interested in Day Spa services. Both memberships offer exclusive member-only pricing, discounts, events, and rewards including an allotment of points that are accrued each month and can be used for a massage (6o minutes for the Silver members and 90 minutes for the Gold members) or other spa services.

Join our Membership program and save on all the services and products you love while you reap the benefits of a Santa Barbara massage monthly! You won’t regret it!

Visit the Evolutions website for more information on our VIP Membership program or contact us at 805-695-2189.


Evolutions Medical Spa Gift Certificates Available Now!

‘Tis the season to give the gift of beautiful skin . . . and wrinkle-free skin . . . and blemish-free skin . . . and tighter skin! Evolutions invites you to celebrate someone special in your life (or yourself) with our Holiday Gift Certificate Offer:

  • Buy a $100 gift certificate for only $90
  • Buy a $500 gift certificate for only $450 plus receive a FREE Signature Facial* ($145 value) that you can give away or keep for yourself!
Evolutions Holiday Gift Certificates

Redeem you spa gift certificate for a variety of medical spa and aesthetic services such as:

and much more! View our complete list of medical spa and aesthetic services here.

Fine print: Other dollar amounts available. Given as a Gift Card (not a Gift Certificate). * Limit 1 free facial per person. Offer available through December 31st, 2012.

* * * * *

Visit our new, larger location to take advantage of our Holiday Gift Certificate offer this month! Evolutions Medical Spa is located at 350 Chapala Street, Suite 103 (on the corner of Guiterrez and Chapala) or purchase by phone 805-687-0212.


Tattoo Removal in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Medical Spa: Introductory Special

Tattoo Removal in Santa BarbaraGetting a tattoo can be thrilling . . . in the moment. Realizing that you have to live forever with the dolphin jumping across your ankle, the butterfly stamped on your lower back, or the large “Welcome Aboard!” across your lower abdomen (all real examples of tattoos of people I know) can be excruciating. In fact, it is estimated that about 50% of people who get tattoos later decide that tattoos are not for them or regret the decision. That is why we are introducing tattoo removal in Santa Barbara at Evolutions.

If you are a client of Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara, you know that we invest in the best technology because we believe in offering services that yield results. This is no different for our tattoo removal service. We have the newest, most advanced, and most effective, Quanta Q-Plus C laser that has three true laser wavelengths that can effectively remove tattoos of practically any color.

Some laser tattoo removal FAQs:

How many treatments do I need to remove my tattoo?

Treatments can range from 4 to 15 treatments dependent upon skin color, tattoo color(s), tattoo location, depth of the ink, layering of multiple tattoos, and if scarring is present.

How long do tattoo removal treatments take?

Treatment depends on the size of the tattoo and the number of colors present: majority of treatments are under 5 minutes for a small to medium black tattoo to 10-15 minutes for a medium-sized multi-color tattoo.

Does the tattoo removal treatment hurt?

Most clients feel some discomfort but agree that it is much more comfortable than getting the tattoo (and takes a lot less time).

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Treatments are priced by how many square inches of ink is being treated. During the month of February 2012, Evolutions is offering an Introductory Special for Tattoo Removal: 25% off all tattoo removal treatments and services. Valid through 2/28/2012.

Visit our tattoo removal webpage for a complete list of FAQs and pricing.

Schedule a complimentary consultation for tattoo removal by calling Evolutions at 805.687.0212 or filling out our online consultation form.

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Santa Barbara Medical Spa Gift Certificates Keep Giving!

Wondering what to get your friends, family (or yourself) this Holiday Season? Evolutions Medical Spa is offering a special promotion on our gift certificates, redeemable for our spa services.

Purchase a $100 gift certificate for $90. Purchase $500 worth of gift certificates (for $450) and receive a free Evolutions Signature Facial ($145 value) – a 70 minute treatment that is an ideal blend of medical technology and deep relaxation. It includes an ultrasonic cleansing, light exfoliation, and extractions along with a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage and a nourishing mask plus a blissful paraffin treatment, a Mini Vibraderm, and a high-tech Multiwave LED session for added relaxation and improved results.

Offer expires December 31, 2010. Call us or come in to take advantage of this soon!

Evolutions Medical Spa is located at 1309 State Street, Santa Barbara. 805.687.0212.
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