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Clarisonic Products in Santa Barbara Give Glowing Skin

The Clarisonic skin cleansing brush is Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins #1 recommendation for your home care regimen.

Why use the Clarisonic skin cleansing brush? This is the one product that is beneficial for every skin type and skin condition. Although there are many electronic rotating brush products on the market, none of them beat the Clarisonic brush’s patented sonic frequency which consists of 300 movements per second to gently, and thoroughly, cleanse your skin. The inside bristles gently oscillate ten degrees in either direction to move with your skin’s elasticity. Other electronic brushes use a rotary movement that tugs at the skin and cause damage.

Due to the popularity of the Clarisonic product, they have recently made additions to their product line to accommodate different lifestyles and budgets. We carry the following Clarisonic skin products at Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara:

Clarisonic Pro
Clarisonic Pro

CLARISONIC PRO FOR FACE & BODY: this is for those who can’t get enough of the Clarisonic! It features 3-speeds to customize cleansing for different parts of the body and comes with 2 brushes: a sensitive brush (for the face) and a body brush. It includes an extension handle to help you comfortably cleanse your back, legs, knees, and feet. A universal charging cradle is included. $225

CLARISONIC ARIA: this is also a 3-speed brush that comes in a sleek high gloss finish (available in white or black) and comes with 2 brushes: a sensitive brush and a deep pore cleansing brush plus a drying stand (which is not a charger). A universal charger is also included. $199

Clarisonic Mia
Clarisonic Mia

CLARISONIC MIA: for those who are on-the-go, this brush is perfect! The Mia is a single speed brush that is great for travel and comes in a variety of fun colors (so you can easily find it in your gym bag or luggage!). $119

CLARISONIC OPAL SONIC INFUSION SYSTEM: introducing the newest product from Clarisonic that is designed to apply anti-aging serum better than manual application. The proven technology builds skin’s resilience to prevent future damage around the eyes, lip, brow, and forehead area along with providing instant hydration for smooth and brighter skin. $185

For those who have a Clarisonic, we also have:

Clarisonic Replacement Brush Heads: replacing your brush heads every 3 months is recommended  to maintain the highest level of cleansing. There are a variety of brush heads to accommodate a range of skin types and some Evolutions clients find that they may use a different brush head depending on how their skin is behaving during a specific time of year. $25 each

Clarisonic Body Extension Handle: use this handle to extend your Clarisonic cleansing to the rest of your body. Compatible with the Clarisonic PLUS and PRO brushes only. $25

Clarisonic-giftKeep your family member or friend’s holiday glow alive throughout the year by giving them the gift of a Clarisonic Cleansing System!

Call Evolutions or stop by to peruse all Clarisonic products available. Our staff will be happy to assist you with any product questions.

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Latisse in Santa Barbara: New Larger Size and Rebate

Latisse at 0 weeks and 16 weeks

If you are looking to enhance the overall prominence of your eyelashes, LATISSE is the answer. Latisse helps grow eyelashes long and strong even when they have thinned due to aging. There are many eyelash growth products on the market but Latisse is the only FDA-approved treatment available.

Latisse is easy to use – apply to clean, makeup-free upper lash lines once per night – and lashes begin to grow darker and thicker. Some clients notice a difference after 8 weeks, most see a noticeable difference between 12 and 16 weeks.

If you have never used Latisse, or you’re an Evolutions’ client who loves it, we have great news for you! Latisse is now available in a larger 5 mL size and there is a $25 rebate available for Brilliant Distinctions members. 

The larger Latisse size means 67% more product for 10 weeks of use, which is the length of time that clinical studies show is necessary to start the program and grow lashes. The $25 rebate on your purchase of 5 mL Latisse (not the original 3 mL size) is instantaneous at time of purchase at Evolutions to Brilliant Distinctions members.

The Brilliant Distinctions program is offered through Allergen and allows members to earn points each time you get Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm treatments, and when you purchase Latisse. Redeem those points for big savings on Botox, Juvederm, and Latisse at a later date. Sign up now for the Brilliant Distinctions program online. Registering is free and only takes about 5 minutes.

Come in today to purchase the new, larger 5 mL Latisse in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Medical Spa and get started on growing thicker, longer lashes!



Colorescience Mineral Makeup: Santa Barbara Medical Spa Event Recap

Our “Summer Skincare” event provided us with so much information that we have decided to split the recap into three posts – each dedicated to the three topics of the evening – all of which are equally important.  The first topic was about the Clarisonic Skin Care System and can be read here. The second topic was about Obagi Medical Products and can be read here. Our final topic is about Colorescience mineral makeup. 

What is Colorescience Mineral Makeup?

Colorescience is a sunscreen company with an emphasis on beauty.  The company operates under the motto “We will not compromise health for beauty or beauty for health”.  True to those words, Colorescience makeup is made up of pure minerals – there are no dyes, talcs, alcohols, mineral oils or fragrance in their products.  Colorescience uses titanium and zinc –  natural sunscreens – in their products so they protect against sun damage while also correcting your complexion.


Tip: Many makeup companies these days have introduced a “mineral” line of makeup but most of these only contain a trace amount of minerals.  To test the purity of mineral makeup, pour the powder into a glass of water. Mineral makeup should float on top, without falling through (see image on right).

Four Must-Haves from Colorescience

There are four daily steps that will lead to your most perfect canvas:

1 ) Prep and Prime: The first step to a perfect complexion is to minimize the look of pores and fill in fine lines and wrinkles.  Colorescience PRO offers four SPF 20 face primers to set the stage for seamless makeup application:

  • Skin Brightening Primer: illuminates and improves the look of your skin.  A yellow tint refines redness to deliver a vibrant glow.
  • Wild to Mild Primer: one of the most popular primers – Wild to Mild gives a sheer, sun-kissed look while protecting and soothing to even skin tones.
  • Chocolate Mousse Mattifying Primer: this cocoa-based primer is an excellent choice for oily or shiny complexions and darker skin tones.  It works to hydrate and balance and provides a matte finish.
  • About Face Calming Primer: for sensitive skin, this primer diminishes redness and irritation for a calmer complexion.

2) Colore and Correct: Hide imperfections and achieve an overall even skin tone when you colore and correct with Colorescience PRO foundations and correctors. Blend and layer to achieve maximum correction.

  • Sheer Creme Foundation: this silky foundation is designed for seamless coverage.  Use with a powder for a flawless finish.
  • Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 20: this lightweight, very water resistant powder feels as smooth as a cream, but doesn’t dry the skin.
  • Pressed Mineral Foundation: pressed minerals can provide light to full coverage without the thick look of traditional pressed powder.

3) Set and Refresh: Colorescience PRO setting mists turns minerals into a velvety finish.  They keep minerals in place while adding hydration to your skin.  Use throughout the day to revitalize your look. Three types of mist available: Sunforgettable to be used before, during and after sun exposure, Be Still for all skin types, and Problem Skin setting mist.

4) Protect and Shield: Sunforgettable SPF 30 and 50 are lightweight minerals that block 97% and 98.2% (respectively) of the UV rays. The minerals are translucent and feel barely-there so they can be used on men and children without looking like they have makeup on.  Dr. Terry Perkins, of Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center, recommends using sunscreen year round to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Colorescience Sunforgettable self-dispensing brushes make it easy for men, women, and children to apply, and re-apply, SPF throughout the day.

Tip: Clean the brush two to three times per week.  Spray the brush cleaner on a washcloth and hold brush upright (so the minerals won’t dispense) and swipe back and forth on the washcloth.

Find Colorescience in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Medical Spa.  Next time you’re in, ask one of our clinicians to show you how Colorescience can enhance your look!

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Obagi Skincare: Santa Barbara Medical Spa Event Recap

Our “Summer Skincare” event provided us with so much information that we have decided to split the recap into three posts – each dedicated to the three topics of the evening – all of which are equally important.  The first topic was about the Clarisonic Skin Care System and can be read here. Our next topic is about Obagi Medical Products.

What is Obagi about?

Obagi has been around for almost 20 years and is the #1 prescription strength skincare line.  Obagi products transform skin cells to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Obagi is for everyone – they have skin care lines for all types of skin and skin issues. Most Obagi systems are used from 12 to 18 weeks and afterward a maintenance program is designed to keep the skin looking great.  This post will cover the various Obagi skin care systems.

Obagi Nu-Derm System

An anti-aging therapy that penetrates below the skin’s surface to transform skin cell functions. It is the #1 selling system and is the most aggressive.  Use it for moderate to severe photodamage, heavy melasma, and more severe fine lines and wrinkles.  There are multiple steps involved in the system and it is used morning and evening. The bottles are clearly labelled and a routine is easy to establish.  Tretinoin (Retin-A) has to be added to tObagi-Logohe system separately (available at Evolutions).  The Nu-Derm system will:

  • Reduce hyperpigmentation (discoloration)
  • Transform rough skin
  • Alleviate sallowness
  • Prevent acne flares
  • Improve skin laxity
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Obagi C-RX System

This system rejuvenates skin with the use of L-ascorbic acid (an antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals) and prescription strength 4% hydroquinone (a lightening agent to gradually fade brown spots).  It is ideal for mild to moderate photodamage, mild wrinkles, freckles, and fine lines. This is another multi-step system that helps to restore and maintain younger looking skin.

Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Products

An eye treatment that actually brings back the lift around your eyes! Most eye creams simply plump the eye area.  This patented eye product helps to restore elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use it under the eye and on the upper eye area as well.  It can be used in combination with other Obagi systems or alone.  It is available in a cream, for those who want more moisture, and a gel, which is lighter and less moisturizing. People see results in as little as two weeks.

Obagi Decolletage System

Similar to ELASTIderm eye cream, this system is designed for the neck and chest, thinner skin areas that often get neglected (less moisturized or overlooked in your sun protection regimen). The Decolletage system fixes the elasticity in the neck and chest and also has a lightening component to help erase sun damage. Generally it is well-tolerated for most skin types and easily absorbed.

Obagi Rosaclear System

This system is ideal for those who have rosacea or redness of the skin.  It also helps reduce the redness of blemishes caused by rosacea. The Rosaclear system is gentle, and non-comedogenic.  It consists of a cleanser, topical gel, hydrating corrector, and a skin balancing sun protection SPF 30.

Obagi CLENZIderm System

The CLENZIderm system is ideal for those who suffer from acne.  It contains a solubilized form of 5% benzoyl peroxide and salicyclic acid to deeply penetrate into the follicle to treat acne at the root, where it starts. It is as effective as a topical prescription.  There are two types of cleansers, depending on skin type, a pore therapy product, cream cleanser, and moisturizer.  Add in a sun protection of at least SPF 30.

Obagi Blue Peel

This chemical peel helps to restore tighter, smoother, clearer, healthier skin.  This peel is the deepest, most aggressive peel available at Evolutions Medical Spa and offers a significant result in a short time period. It is a good peel for those with pigmentation issues.

Evolutions Medical Spa is the longest open-selling Obagi account in the Santa Barbara area.  Obagi products are prescription strength and it is recommended that you use them with physician supervision because they are more aggressive than over-the-counter skin care products.  Evolutions invites you to a complimentary consultation to discuss which Obagi product line will best fit your skincare needs.  To make an appointment, call Evolutions at 805-687-0212.


Obagi Skin Care: Santa Barbara Medical Spa Highlight

At Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara we believe that the formula for great skin is comprised of a few parts, one of which includes routine medical spa services, such as facials, chemical peels and/or laser treatments, and the other part is having an effective at-home skin care program using products that have a high Obagi in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Medical Spatherapeutic value and an excellent reputation, such as Obagi. Obagi skin care products are popular because of the transformative effects they have and, as a result, they can be found in physicians offices around the globe.

Recently Obagi published a blog post that really resonated with us. They addressed putting your best face forward through the many stages of your life.  Here is an excerpt from their post:

  • Twenties – Time to get serious. This is an exciting time. Graduation. Your first real job. Investment clothing that suits your career. Everything about your life is more adult and maybe it’s time to take a more serious approach to skin care, too, by upgrading from everyday drugstore brands. Healthy skin starts with a plan and that plan begins with protection. Start with Obagi Professional-C Serums™. These Vitamin C serums deliver topical antioxidant benefits to help correct and protect your skin from signs of future damage and aging.
  • Thirties – Make it a habit. This is a nonstop, multitasking, multi-role time of life. You may be too busy to notice the effects of time on your skin, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t starting to show. A consistent daily skin care routine can be a key contributor to healthy, beautiful skin and helping to minimize future damage. Protect and help prevent your skin from showing the early signs of aging with the Obagi-C® Rx System.
  • Forties and Fifties – Facing new challenges. You have embraced who you’ve become and are comfortable in your own skin. Your goal is to look like the fabulous person you are today. Tackle the inevitable skin concerns that come from age with the Obagi Nu-Derm® System, the #1 physician-dispensed skin care system specially formulated to reveal healthy skin. And for those pesky crow’s feet, try the ELASTIderm® Eye Cream to help improve resilience and increase elasticity of the skin all around your eyes!
  • Sixties and beyond – Shining in your golden years. Just because you’re over 60 doesn’t mean you can’t be as beautiful and vibrant now as in your younger years. Even if you’ve been diligent with skin care on your face over the years, you may have neglected the skin on your neck and chest area, which tends to be thinner, less moisturized, and often overlooked when it comes to sun protection. The ELASTIderm® Décolletage System can help diminish the signs of aging and helps to restore healthy skin on your neck and chest. Your overall appearance now matches the grace and wisdom you’ve earned throughout your years.

Of course, no matter what your age, there are some skin care basics that are universal to help maintain healthy skin for life, such as washing your face every night and using sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. For a sheer, matte finish sunscreen, try our award-winning Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50 for broad-spectrum protection.

Evolutions carries Obagi and other medical-grade skin care products that have been carefully selected by Dr. Perkins to bring you unparalleled home care. On your next visit, ask your clinician to create a customized home care regimen for you or schedule a complimentary skin care consultation by calling us at 805.687.0212.

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The Hot Accessory for Spring: White Teeth!

Teeth Whitening in Santa Barbara at EvolutionsNow that we’re on the brink of Spring, we’re beginning to see people wearing bright colors in hues of  tangerine, yellow, electric blues and greens. And lots of floral and patterns – subdued or loud – on tops and jeans. There is no question that people are boldly embracing the trends that we’ve been seeing on the runways. Bold colors are fun, they make a statement! And the one accessory that will make your look “sparkle” this Spring is white teeth!

Evolutions Medical Spa offers the most effective teeth whitening in Santa Barbara outside of a dental office. Our SpaWhite service can brighten your smile with little to no sensitivity. We know that the main concern with teeth whitening is the sensitivity that it causes – for some it is intense (burning gums and sensitive teeth) and for others it is a non-issue. The culprit of the sensitivity is peroxide, which is the key ingredient in virtually all teeth whitening products and services. Some tooth bleach manufacturers artificially lower the pH of their peroxide to make it more stable, and less sensitive, but this also lowers the effectiveness. This is a case when innovation really counts!

Our SpaWhite teeth whitening service uses patented foam pads that are saturated with a specially formulated neutral pH peroxide gel. Coupled with an advanced, spectrum-controlled light specifically developed for the SpaWhite process, the whitening process is accelerated and intensified. For most people, one or two SpaWhite sessions is sufficient for an initial treatment.

Don’t let your clothes outshine you this Spring! Instead, match your bold statement with a dazzling bright smile!

Evolutions always offers a complimentary consultation – call us at 805.687.0212 or book a consultation online.

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Santa Barbara Medical Spa Product Focus: Revale Skin Care

Antioxidant-rich foods, such as colorful fruits and veggies, are considered super-food because they help strengthen the immune system, staving off a cold, the flu or infections, and some people even believe they play a big part in warding off chronic diseases (such as cancer, arthritis and more) because they contain high sources of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that protect and repair cells from free radical damage. These foods can really make a big impact inside your body.


What about fighting free radical damage on the outside of your body? Free radical damage shows up on our skin as sun damage (hyperpigmentation), fine lines and wrinkles and skin cancer. Are you thinking that if only there was a way to apply antioxidants to the skin to lessen and/or prevent free radical damage . . . Well, there is a way to do that! Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon, and founder of Evolutions, Dr. Terry Perkins, recommends Revale skin care products as the “top of the line” antioxidants-for-your-skin products on the market today.
Revale products are formulated with CoffeeBerry® extract derived from the coffee plant (Coffea arabica) and has one of the highest antioxidant scores ever recorded. Topical application of this “active” antioxidant will help repair prior environmental damage as well as decrease future damage.
An easy 3-step system that is gentle and suitable for all skin types (and won’t clog pores) is available at Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara:
  • RevaleSkin Facial Cleanser: Purifies and clarifies.
  • RevaleSkin Day Cream with SPF 15: Smooths and softens.
  • RevaleSkin Night Cream: Revitalizes.
We can all benefit from a good dose of antioxidants daily on the inside and the outside!

SPF Lip Gloss from Colorescience Shines and Protects

Spring is upon us, as well as the sun! Even though some days may be spotty here in Santa Barbara, fog does not completely block out harmful UVB rays!


colorescience_lipshineWe hope that after all of our education about sun damage and your skin, that your face is adequately covered with a physical sunblock (some of our favorites include Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Make-Up and TiZo SPF 40) and maybe even a hat, but let’s not forget our lips! Think your lips are protected because you’ve coated them with your favorite lip balm or gloss – think again!


Did you know, according to an article in the Washington Post, that “certain lip balms and glosses can actually increase your chances of developing skin cancer”?! Applying something clear and shiny to your lips, such as a gloss, actually increases light penetration and ups your chances of developing cancer. The article suggests that women who are planning to be outdoors for more than 20 minutes at a time should use a lip sunblock that is SPF 30 or more, ideally, and avoid shiny lipstick unless they have a layer of sun protection underneath. colorescience_lipshine


With that said, at Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara, we have a solution for you! Colorescience now has an SPF 35 lip gloss – LIP SHINE SPF 35. This lip gloss is chemical-free, dye free and provides a physical sun block (it is 5% zinc oxide) in four elegant sheer colors.


Keep your lips luscious – and cancer-free! Colorescience Lip Shine SPF 35 in four shades, along with many other Colorescience products, are available at Evolutions. Book a complimentary Colorescience mineral make-up consultation by calling 805.687.0212.

Sun Protection in Sunny Santa Barbara with Colorescience Mineral Powder

colorscience-spf-50-brushEveryday facial sun protection is one of the key ways to keep skin from becoming wrinkled, developing hyperpigmentation and, in general, aging too quickly.


At Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins hand-picks products that are optimum for a variety of skin types and skin concerns. One of the product lines that we carry is Colorescience Pro – high-performance mineral make-up made from dermatologist recommended formulations that camouflage skin concerns while protecting skin from the sun and the environment.


As it turns out, Colorescience mineral make-up – specifically the Colorescience Pro Mineral Powder Sunforgettable SPF 50 product – is not only highly recommended by us, but also by other widely read publications!



  • Modern Luxury (Los Angeles), April 2010. Hailed as one of “three stellar sunscreens” with “skin-loving ingredients” with “barely-there shields that are so potent, yet so invisible, you won’t be able to live without (it) in the coming months.”

With the sun shining brightly and summer only weeks away, people become more diligent about skin protection this time of year. At Evolutions we want to emphasize that sun protection is important all year round. It is never too late to develop a great sun defense for you skin!

Visit Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara to learn more about the Colorescience line and ask about a complimentary consultation. Evolutions Medical Spa carries Colorescience in Santa Barbara.


Colorescience Pro Mineral Makeup Making News in 2010

Santa Barbara’s Evolutions Medical Spa loves the Colorescience mineral skincare makeup line because Colorescience makeup gives great results along with sun protection and is free of dyes, fillers, talcs, mineral oil, perfumes and other ingredients found in many makeup lines.

Our Colorescience representative will be at Evolution’s Anniversary Open House (read all the details here) on Wednesday, January 27th, with complimentary Colorescience makeup applications available!

Colorescience is always making news and here is the latest!

color scienceColorescience Let Me Be Clear Primer is featured in NEW BEAUTY magazine (see image at left) as the “Pore-Perfecting Primer” and was reviewed on the New Beauty Blog. The primer helps to smooth skin texture, reduce the appearance of pore size and redness and fights acne with salicylic acid as a distinctive ingredient.

Orange County Register online featured Colorescience and some insight into the line of mineral makeup by highlighting Colorescience founder Diane Ranger, “the Mother of Mineral Makeup”. Shown in the picture are Colorescience’s Sheer Crème Foundations.

Colorescience is available in Santa Barbara at Evolutions Medical Spa.