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Santa Barbara Massage Story

Darla Bea Smith, a marketing pro by day and DJ by night, came into our Santa Barbara Day Spa for a massage. She gave us a great review online.  In addition to the review, the story she shared with our front desk was something so many of us could relate to, so we wanted to tell more of her Santa Barbara Massage experience.

Evolutions Tea Lounge Invites You to Relax Before or After Your Day Spa Appointment
Evolutions Tea Lounge

“My company gave me an Evolutions Day Spa gift certificate…and I sat on it…for months. Last month, I was feeling pretty run down from working a lot of DJ events on the weekends and keeping up with the demands of my Monday-Friday marketing job and it was becoming obvious to my coworkers. My boss asked if I had booked my massage yet and I said no…I was saving it (for what, I don’t know!). I told her I didn’t know how I’d make time and she told me I HAD to make time – I was burning the candle at both ends.  She said start small – just call and make my appointment. It sounds so simple but putting myself first is not something that is easy for me. I needed the nudge. I called and made the appointment and I loved how they sent me a text confirmation reminder (on the day of the appointment). I went and had nothing but a wonderful experience. Everything at the spa was great – from the front desk associate and the massage therapist to the relaxing amenities offered such as a luxurious robe and a relaxing lounge to sip tea before my appointment. After my massage, I couldn’t believe how great I felt – relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

I realized that so many of us treat massage as something for a special occasion only. I don’t know what I was waiting for. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we be our best to others?  I’m going to make it a priority to get more massages. We are so fortunate to live in Santa Barbara, we need to enjoy great destinations like Evolutions and the incredible massage therapists they have working at the spa!”

– Darla Bea Smith
Online Marketing & PR Specialist by Day | Radio Show Hostess & DJ by Night



Santa Barbara Massage Testimonial

Having a massage in Santa Barbara at Evolutions is not just for the ladies! We have plenty of male customers who enjoy our massage and body treatment services. We were delighted to receive this video testimonial from a recent customer who was visiting Santa Barbara and came in for a (much needed) 60-minute deep tissue massage.

View all of our massage services at our Santa Barbara day spa. Call us at 805-695-2189 to book your massage today!



Get a Santa Barbara Massage for Lower Back Pain Relief

Evolutions Massage Room

Do you need another reason to get a massage? We have one! In addition to all the benefits we have blogged about (such as a boosted immune system, getting better sleep, encouraging lymph drainage, reducing blood pressure, alleviating stress, and more) there is one more to add to the list: lower back pain relief.

If you’ve got lower back pain (and unfortunately many of us do), then a massage should be at the top of your list to bring relief to the lumbar region. Massage has been shown to be better than medication or exercise for lower back pain relief. Massage helps cells to recover post exercise and it also spurs the production of new mitochondria – your “cellular power plant” supplying cellular energy within your body.

What is our massage recommendation for lower back pain relief? Our Sports Massage is ideal for athletic people and/or people who are suffering from pain in the back and/or legs, and overworked feet. The mixture of reflexology and deep tissue massage addresses those areas that hold tension and are painful.

Book a Sports Massage in Santa Barbara at Evolutions by calling 805-695-2189. Plan to come early or stay after your massage to enjoy our dry eucalyptus sauna or peaceful tea lounge. See all of our Santa Barbara massage treatments here


Massage Benefits For Your Body and Mind

Offering massage in Santa Barbara is one of the day spa services that we are most excited about. We love to see clients coming out of their treatment in a blissful daze! Massage has the ability to induce relaxation by soothing away sore muscles and easing tension that can be held in many different areas of the body. In addition to immediately feeling better, massage can also have long lasting benefits such as boosting the immune system or enabling a deeper sleep.

Here are other body and mind benefits that massage can have:

  • An increase in blood flow encourages lymph drainage (pushing toxins out of cells) which can plump up skin and add vitality to a dull complexion.
  • Regular massages can help curb migraines or at least lessen the severity of them.
  • A massage as short as 15 minutes can give your brain a boost. A study showed that those who received a 15 minute massage completed a series of math questions more accurately and quickly than those that did not.
  • A massage can help PMS symptoms like bloating and mood swings.
  • Joint flexibility and range of motion is improved, which often leads to better posture.
  • A massage is always beneficial after an injury or for post-operative rehabilitation.

Experience the benefits of a massage in Santa Barbara at Evolutions by calling 805-695-2189 to book yours today!



Best Day Spa Santa Barbara is Evolutions!

Thank you to the readers of the Santa Barbara News-Press for supporting for our Day Spa. We are honored to win the title of “Best Day Spa” and will continue to treat our guests with supreme service. Our Santa Barbara Day Spa was opened just over a year ago to complement our Medical Spa.

Evolutions Santa Barbara Massage Duet (Couples) Room
Evolutions Santa Barbara Massage Duet (Couples) Room

Our Medical Spa is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical aesthetic services while our Day Spa treatments are designed to relax and rejuvenate our guests. We offer a variety of Facials including some that address skin concerns such as acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. Our Body Treatments include therapeutic wraps to exfoliate and nourish the skin and our Body Scrubs include a relaxing massage and a Vichy Shower (horizontal shower with seven treatment heads) to lull anyone into a state of pure relaxation. Many of our Day Spa guests enjoy our Santa Barbara massage services. We offer massages for every body – including Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Pre-Natal, and Duet (Couples Massage). Learn more about the various types of massage offered by visiting our Santa Barbara Day Spa massage page. We also offer waxing services.

Managing Partner of Evolutions Medical & Day Spa, Brian Perkins, commented: “Being awarded in a reader poll for our spa services is so appreciated. Knowing that the effort we have put into adding spa services is recognized by Santa Barbara and our neighboring communities is wonderful. We built our spa focusing on technology, training and results. Since we moved our location and expanded our services to be a full-service day spa, we continue to focus on results, as well as rejuvenation and relaxation. To see the community award us both as a medical spa and now also as a day spa is a true honor.”

To book a Day Spa service or Medical Spa treatment, contact Evolutions at 805-695-2189. 


Health Benefits of a Santa Barbara Massage at Evolutions

Santa Barbara Massage at Evolutions Day Spa
Santa Barbara Massage at Evolutions

Part of our philosophy at Evolutions is to offer services and treatments that yield a “return”. Our medical spa services offer superior results and our day spa treatments offer relaxation and rejuvenation. When we added Evolutions Day Spa to our Santa Barbara Medical Spa business, we were very excited to offer massage services to the people and visitors of Santa Barbara because the benefits of a massage are abundant – both immediately and afterwards.

During a massage, most people’s heart rate slows and their blood pressure lowers, lulling them into a relaxed state. Massage is also known to lower cortisol levels (the hormone that is produced in response to stress). When cortisol declines,  there is an increase in serotonin (which plays a role in people’s moods, appetite, digestion, and sleep). An increase in serotonin can remain, even after the massage is done. A decrease in cortisol also allows for an increase in Natural Killer (NK) cells. These cells are the frontline of the immune system. An increase in NK cells can indicate a boost in immunity. In addition to boosting immunity and decreasing stress levels, studies have shown that people who receive massage on a regular basis spend more time in deep sleep – the most restorative stage of sleep for your body – which is the optimum time for your body and skin to repair and regenerate.

Some people see massage as an “indulgence” while others treat it as a “necessity”. Whatever the reason is that brings you in for your Santa Barbara massage, know that you will reap the benefits even after the massage is over.

Evolutions Medical & Day Spa offers a variety of massage services in Santa Barbara. View our Santa Barbara massage menu on our website


Treating a Sunburn Early Eases the Pain and May Minimize Damage

Sunburn Treatment from Evolutions Medical and Day Spa Santa BarbaraWe know that you are diligently applying sunscreen daily but sometimes the occasional sunburn slips through. And when that happens, early treatment is the best way to ease pain and perhaps even minimize the damage. The Skin Cancer Foundation website is a great resource for prevention, skin cancer information, news, and events that revolve around skin care and skin protection. Here we offer a synopsis of the five treatment tips for a sunburn, based upon the Skin Cancer Foundation’s recommendations:

  1. Act Quickly. A sunburn may take four to six hours for the symptoms to show. If you feel a tingling of a burn or see skin reddening or pink skin, get out of the sun and start treatment immediately. If possible, take a cool bath or shower and then proceed with step 2.
  2. Moisturize. Slather on a cream or lotion that is moisturizing. A product containing vitamin C and vitamin E may help limit the damage. Repeat moisturizing to make peeling and flaking less noticeable. Hydrocortisone cream is also okay to use for a day or two for any discomfort. Do not scrub, pick, or peel your skin or blisters.
  3. Hydrate. Drink extra water, juice, or sports drinks for the next few days. Any burn draws fluid to the skin surface and away from the rest of the body – potentially causing dehydration. Children are especially vulnerable to this, so watch for signs of dry mouth, thirst, reduced urination, dizziness, headache, and sleepiness. Consult a doctor if they appear ill.
  4. Don’t Wait to Medicate. Taking a dose of Ibuprofen (i.e. Advil) as soon as you feel the signs of a sunburn helps to alleviate the swelling and redness and may prevent some long-term damage. Keep taking it for the next 48 hours.
  5. Assess the Damage.  If a blistering burn covers more than 20% of the body (such as a child’s whole back) seek medical attention. If anyone with a sunburn is suffering from fevers or chills, seek medical help.

Re-evaluate your sun protection routine to prevent burns in the future. This may mean adding another layer of sun protection through hats and clothing or simply re-applying sunscreen on a regular basis when out on a sunny day. Visit the Skin Cancer Foundation’s website for information on skin cancer, prevention guidelines, healthy lifestyle tips, and more. 


Santa Barbara Massage at Evolutions Helps Circulation

massage in santa barbara at evolutions day spaNow that we are offering massages in Santa Barbara at our Day Spa we love sharing the benefits of this service. Most everyone will agree that a massage has immediate benefits such as instant relaxation and lowering of stress levels – at least while one is receiving the treatment. Massage also works at a deeper level, helping to ward off (or shorten the duration of ) colds and the flu (read more about that in our recent blog post).

Our newest revelation about a massage therapy session is that it improves overall blood flow and circulation in people who have recently exercised and even those that haven’t. The increased circulation from the massage led to a quicker recovery time and less muscle soreness the next day. For more details, read the Huffington Post article, It’s True: Massages Really Are Good For You.

Whether you need to recover from a 5K race or just need some downtime, call us (805-695-2189) to book a massage at Evolutions. Chose from Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and much more. View our complete Santa Barbara Massage menu on our Day Spa website.

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Massage in Santa Barbara is Beneficial During Cold and Flu Season

It may not be cold outside during this beautiful warm winter we’re having in Santa Barbara but the flu is still upon us. Kids and adults are getting the flu and it seems that the flu bug lasts far beyond the “24 hours” people typically associate with a flu illness.

Massage in Santa Barbara Boosts Immune SystemWhat can you do to try to avoid getting the flu or a winter cold?  Most of us are aware that keeping our hands clean, avoiding close contact with sick people, and practicing good health habits can help prevent the flu from entering our homes. While all of this helps spreading germs, it does not necessarily boost your immune system. What can boost your immune system is a massage. Massage therapy encourages an increase is the activity level of the body’s natural “killer T cells” which fight off viruses. Massage also improves circulation and better circulation promotes body warmth, healthier blood pressure levels, and an increased flow of oxygen throughout the body. Please note that the best time to reap the benefits of a massage is when you are healthy. Receiving a massage treatment while you are sick may actually spread the infection and exacerbate symptoms.

Evolutions now offers an assortment of massage in Santa Barbara. Enjoy a full 60, 75 or 90 minute massage treatment to relax and rejuvenate your mind and your body.

Visit our website to view a complete list of Santa Barbara massage services offered. To book a massage in Santa Barbara, call Evolutions at 805-687-0212. 


Evolutions Santa Barbara Spa Gift Certificate Promotion

Santa Barbara Day Spa Gift CertificateGive the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation this holiday season! Evolutions Medical & Day Spa in Santa Barbara is offering a gift card promotion for the month of December that saves you money and gives you an extra special treat!

  • Buy a $100 gift card for only $90!
  • Buy a $500 gift card for only $450 PLUS get a Free 60 minute Massage or Facial (a $120 value! Give away or treat yourself!)

Evolutions – voted as Santa Barbara’s Best Medical Spa five years in a row (in Santa Barbara’s Independent Readers’ Poll Awards) – now offers Day Spa services in our new, luxurious facility. Guests are invited to use our full shower and locker facilities, dry eucalyptus saunas, and tea lounge prior to or after their treatment.
Day spa services offered include a variety of massage treatments, body treatments (wraps and scrubs), facials and exfoliating skin treatments, and waxing. Visit our Santa Barbara Day Spa site for a complete description of services. Gift certificates are redeemable towards any day spa or medical spa treatment(s) or skin care products.

* You can now buy your gift certificates from the comfort of your home! Purchase your spa gift certificate online by clicking here and use the code DEC2013 on the checkout screen to receive your discount.
* Gift certificates can also be purchased at Evolutions or by calling us – 805-687-0212.

Please note that this offer is good until December 31, 2013. Other dollar amounts are available for purchase. Limit 1 free facial or massage per person.

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