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Tightening and Lightening in Santa Barbara: Evolutions Event Recap

Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins (and also founder and Medical Director of Evolutions) gave a very informative presentation this evening at our Educational Event.  A recap of the presentation follows:

“Tightening and Lightening” Plus Sublative Rejuvenation


What is skin laxity and how can we treat it?
The skin becomes lax, and has more of a “hanging” appearance, due to damage to and loss of collagen and elastin. Skin laxity can be attributed to the natural part of aging but it is also relate to sun damage.

How can we treat skin laxity?
There are surgical options such as traditional surgery (facelift) and deep peels that help restore collagen and tighten the appearance of the skin. There are different ways to treat skin laxity non-surgically and that includes light based, radio frequency, and focused ultrasound treatments.

Treating skin laxity non-surgically involves sustained heating of the dermis. The immediate effect is collagen contraction and the long term effect results in the stimulation of new collagen to be produced. When we heat the dermis in these tightening treatments, the epidermis (outermost layers of the skin) are protected.

Who are the best clients for a skin tightening treatment at Evolutions?
Age is not a barrier. Clients can range in age from 30 to 80+ years. Best results are usually seen with clients that have a minimum amount of excess fat in the area of concern and when their skin is neither very thin or very thick. Non-surgical tightening is great for someone who wants to address their skin laxity but is not ready for surgery. It is important to have realistic expectations. Skin tightening treatments at Evolutions can turn back the clock a few years, but not decades.

Titan Skin Tightening Treatment
Titan Skin Tightening Treatment

Titan Skin Tightening Treatment

 Titan uses an infrared light to heat the dermis, well beneath the surface of the skin. The heating contracts existing collagen and stimulates new collagen to be produced.

On the right is a before and after photo (courtesy of John Hunts, M.D.) of a Titan treatment on the eyelids. The “after” photo was taken two weeks after the 5th treatment.

Titan treatments can be done on many areas of the body including the jawline, under the chin, and the abdomen to tighten the skin and reverse the signs of aging. Results are cumulative and most clients have two to four treatments over a few months although a single treatment may produce good results for some.


ReFirme Treatment
ReFirme Treatment

ReFirme™ Skin Tightening Treatment

ReFirme™ features the revolutionary elōs technology which simultaneously combines the power of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and light energies to precisely heat the dermal tissue in the targeted treatment area.

ReFirme™ treatments can help be done safely and effectively on the face, neck, abdomen, upper arms, and knees. In addition to improving skin laxity, it also addresses wrinkles and textural irregularities.

Total Tightening Treatment at Evolutions

This treatment combines ReFirme™ and Titan into one treatment to maximize the benefits of both treatments. Total Tightening synergistically works to heat the entire upper half of the dermis. With each treatment, the existing collagen is tightened as well as stimulating new collagen production that results in tighter, “fresher” skin.

The results are cumulative and therefore we recommend a package that includes 4 treatments done four to six weeks apart. Total Tightening is truly “the best of both worlds” in non-surgical skin tightening technology and is exclusive to Evolutions Medical Spa.


What is pigmentation?
Pigmentation refers to the coloring of person’s skin, often it is the word pigmentation is used when it is distinctive or in excess (as in spots on the skin). Pigmentation is created by melanin in the skin. Different skin types have different levels of melanocytes and that is how different skin colors occur.

Why does the body produce melanin?
Melanin is produced at a normal level based on skin type. However, when the skin is exposed to trauma, inflammation, or exposure to the sun (a suntan is equal to a skin injury), the amount of melanin rises in response to these events. Melanin can also be accentuated by hormones, birth control pills, and pregnancy.

When Pigmentation Problems Arise
Over-stimulated melanocytes create appearance problems such as sun damage, age spots, “liver” spots, freckles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and melasma (dermal and epidermal pigmentation).

Treatment for Pigmentation 
There are quite a few options for excess pigmentation:

Sunscreen: prevention is your best defense against pigmentation. Use it daily, year round!

Home Care: bleaching agents can help to lighten the skin while exfoliating agents can help to brighten the skin. Recommended bleaching agents are Obagi Clear, C-RX Night (with hydroquinone), Revale Illuminesse Brightening Complex, Nia24 products, and retinoids.  Exfoliating agents increase cell turnover to freshen the skin. Examples of effective exfoliating agents are alpha-hydroxy acids, amino fruit acids (AFA Exfoliating Gel), and retinoids.

Chemical Peels: exfoliate and increase cell turnover in a short amount of time with chemical peels. Recommended chemical peels offered at Evolutions include the Clay Mask Peel, Alpha Beta Peel, Jessner’s Peel, and Obagi Blue Peel. Read in depth about what chemical peels do, how they feel, and descriptions of all the chemical peels offered at Evolutions in this blog post.

Vibradermabrasion: treat superficial pigmentation problems with no downtime through Vibraderm, a physical exfoliation. Adding on a Vibraderm treatment to facials and peels as a pre-treatment will improve the penetration of the products and/or the peel. Vibraderm does not have a suction component to the treatment so there is no risk of broken capillaries as there is with a microdermabrasion treatment.

Light-based Treatments: use intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency technology to reduce excess pigmentation. They are safe and non-invasive.

  • FotoFacial RF™: this is the “gold standard” for the treatment of pigmentation and works deeper than most chemical peels. It is available in a series or in combination with other treatments such as a FotoPeel, FotoPeel Plus, and FotoFacial Genesis packages.
  • Q-Plus C (Q-Switched Laser): this laser can treat spots individually or can treat an entire area with our new Q-Peel package. The Q-Switched Laser works in pulses of billionths of a second to “explode” pigment. It can treat pigmentation issues (spots) as well as tattoos of all colors.

Sublative Rejuvenation Plus DNA Repair (New!): a fractional resurfacing device that uses radiofreqency energy instead of light to treat wrinkles, pigment, acne scarring, skin laxity, tone and texture. A Sublative Rejuvenation treatment has less downtime and discomfort than older fractional laser devices (i.e., the Fraxel). A DNA stem cell ampoule is now included with the treatment. The stem cell ampoule introduces genetically flawless live stem cells which influences the older cells to replicate stronger, healthier, more youthful-looking skin cells. This is an FDA-approved treatment that is clinically proven to renew compromised skin. Sublative Rejuvenation can be combined with other light-based treatments such as the FotoFacial RF or Total Tightening.

Chemabrasion: this surgical procedure combines a deep peel with dermabrasion. It treats wrinkles, sun damage, and pigmentation issues. The change can be dramatic. Downtime is approximately one week. This is done by Dr. Perkins at Cosmetic Surgery Center located near Cottage Hospital. Please call his office at 805-563-0000 for a consultation.

In conclusion, Dr. Perkins stressed the importance of daily use of sunscreen. The best way to treat sun damage is to prevent it! When pigment issues do arise, Evolutions offers a number of medical spa treatment options, for all areas of the body, with “at home” options also available.

Evolutions always offers a complimentary consultation for your skin concerns. Please call us at 805-687-0212 to make an appointment or fill out our online consultation form

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Evolutions Medical Spa’s September Event: “Red to Ready” – It’s Possible to Get Rid of Acne and Rosacea

image-01This Wednesday, September 22nd, Evolutions Medical Spa’s September event is dedicated to acne and rosacea. Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins will focus on causes of these problems and how treatments and home skin care can help you go from “red” to “ready”.

This is a “don’t miss!” event for anyone who is tired of suffering from acne or rosacea.

The event includes a raffle, refreshments and exclusive specials for attendees only. Seating is limited, please RSVP to Evolutions today at 805.687.0212. Details follow:

From “Red” to “Ready” Focuses on Acne and Rosacea
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
6:30pm – 8:30pm

1309 State Street, Santa Barbara
RSVP 805.687.0212


Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery by Evolutions Medical Spa Founder Dr. Terry Perkins

Did you know that Dr. Terry Perkins, founder and Medical Director of the leading Santa Barbara medical spa, Evolutions, is a practicing cosmetic surgeon in Santa Barbara? It’s not such a well-kept secret because Dr. Perkins, who has been practicing for more than 30 years in Santperkins06282007a Barbara, has been the winner for Best Cosmetic Surgeon for the last three years in the Santa Barbara NewsPress Readers Choice Awards 2008, 2009 and 2010!

Dr. Perkins, who has seen the evolution of plastic surgery first hand throughout the last three decades, has always been a leader in aesthetic technology. He was the first specialist in the Santa Barbara-Ventura area to offer a liposuction surgical procedure, as well as the first to make use of fat injection techniques for correcting body contour deficiencies (read a post on natural breast augmentation using fat injection). Dr. Perkins also was selected by the FDA to participate in studies for both Botox and VelaSmooth.

Dr. Perkins believes in educating his clients so that they know their options and can make an informed decision with him on the type of procedure(s) they would like to have. Dr. Perkins practice is called Cosmetic Surgery Center Medical Group and is located near Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital. The most popular plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Perkins performs are listed below:

Many of the cosmetic surgery procedures can be done comfortably and safely using local anesthesia combined with oral/intravenous sedation. Without the use of general anesthesia, the patient usually feels less of an anesthesia “hangover” the following day and the recovery time seems to be quicker.

All cosmetic surgeries are performed in Dr. Perkins’ fully-accredited surgical suite. Cosmetic Surgery Center patients will enjoy the added benefits of discounted preoperative skin preparation and products as well as postoperative treatment to speed healing at Evolutions Medical Spa.

To schedule a plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Perkins, call Cosmetic Surgery Center at 805.563.0000. Dr. Perkins has offices in Santa Barbara and Oxnard to better serve the Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

An Insight into Evolutions Medical Spa’s Educational Events

Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara hosts an “Educational Event” on a monthly basis. Founder of Evolutions and Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins picks a topic – such as Botox or chemical peels – that becomes the focus of the evening event. The event begins with Dr. Perkins giving an informative talk about the product or treatment, often accompanied by a open house foodpower point presentation that highlights facts and shows pictures, keeping the audience engaged. Many of the Evolutions staff are on-hand to answer questions, refreshments are served and the evening ends with special offers extended to the event’s attendees. Sometimes there is a raffle and giveaways too.

There are many reasons why Dr. Perkins and his staff at Evolutions like to do this. The first and foremost being that Dr. Perkins believes in educating his clientele. Skin care and aesthetic needs vary widely from person to person, so these events are designed to give the audience a clearer understanding of the treatment, including the pros and cons and everything in between. The open house also gives Dr. Perkins open house foodand the staff the opportunity to get to know clients better in a more relaxed atmosphere while giving prospective clients a chance to check out this Santa Barbara medical spa and the staff before committing to a medical spa procedure.


Since Evolutions and Dr. Perkins have been hosting these events for some time, a nice following has evolved, and Dr. Perkins has even been quoted in an article from on “What an Open House Can Do for Your Practice”.
If you would like to be notified of the next event at Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara, sign up to be on the Evolutions email list and you also will have a chance to win a free facial! Evolutions events are held at the Santa Barbara medical spa at 1309 State Street in downtown Santa Barbara.

Finding a Great Medical Spa in Santa Barbara and Beyond

evolutions receptionChances are you may have stumbled across this blog because you are either searching for a medical spa in Santa Barbara or looking for information on a medical spa in your own area. At Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara we believe that putting an effort into finding a great, reputable spa is extremely important. Most of the services offered by medical spas – such as medical grade chemical peels, Botox and Dysport wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, laser hair removal and more – should be done by a medical aesthetician, nurse or doctor.

Dr. Terry Perkins is the Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon who owns and oversees Evolutions Medical Spa. He offers advice and tips on how to find a great medical spa – whether it be in Santa Barbara or your hometown – on this informational Squidoo page.

How to Make an Informed Decision about Anti-Wrinkle Treatments Available in Santa Barbara

happy_ladiesSanta Barbara’s cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins, who also happens to be the founder and medical director of Evolutions, recently wrote an eHow article about Botox and Dysport. Botox Cosmetic and Dysport are two anti-wrinkle neuromodulators that are available at Santa Barbara’s Evolutions Medical Spa.



Evolutions offers a complimentary consultation to address any of your skin concerns. If you’d like to come in to talk to Dr. Perkins about Botox and Dysport in Santa Barbara, please call 805.687.0212 to make an appointment or fill out the consultation form.


When you come in for your consultation at Evolutions ask about the Wrinkle Free Club – a rewards program for multiple treatments of Botox or Dysport.

Matrix RF: Less Invasive Beauty Solution Available at Evolutions Medical Spa

Skin resurfacing and rejuvenating can be accomplished a few different ways using laser and light-based technologies. Traditional resurfacing ablates (removes) skin surface. The results are great, but healing time can take up to a week or more. Non-ablative rejuvenation such as FotoFacial RF protects the skin surface (does not ablate) and still targets areas of pigmentation and redness to get results with no downtime. While the results are great, they are not able to match the results of ablative technology. The newest treatments available are fractional resurfacing. Fractional resurfacing removes a small portion of the skin surface (usually 5% – 10%) and protects the rest. This gives many of the benefits of traditional resurfacing with very little downtime, so it is a great option for many clients. matrix_face

Evolutions is pleased to introduce Matrix RF fractional skin resurfacing — the newest fractional device on the market and a great new, less-invasive option.

The Matrix RF fractional technology reaches deeper into the skin, but covers the area in patterns of dots instead of a broader area. The matrix spots are surrounded by non-affected tissue which helps in accelerating the healing process. This results in a treatment with more effective color and texture improvement – and significantly less recovery time than traditional resurfacing.

Matrix RF can be used to treat wrinkles, acne scar revision, superficial skin lesions, scar revision, textural irregularities, pigmentation and skin laxity. Past procedures were not as successful on darker pigmented people and this is not the case for the Matrix RF. See a video from NBC’s show, “The Doctors”, featuring the Matrix addressing darker skin types.

Treatment is safe and effective. Typically 3 treatments, 4 – 6 weeks apart are recommended for maximum results, however it depends on your skin’s condition.

Matrix RF is currently only available in the Tri-Counties at Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara. Evolutions offers a complimentary consultation to determine whether the Matrix RF is the solution for your skin! 805.687.0212.