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Santa Barbara Evolutions Medical Spa “Crazy Gorgeous Skin” Event: Featured Product Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

On Wednesday, June 17th, Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara is hosting a “Crazy Gorgeous Skin” event. Representatives from top skin care lines will be on hand to discuss a comprehensive home care regimen. Over the next few days, the Evolutions blog will be highlighting products that can become part of your home care skin regimen.

Clarisonic Skin Care Brushclarisonic.gif

InStyle magazine features this as one of the Best Beauty Buys 2009! This brush, developed by the company that makes the Sonicare toothbrush, is gentle to use two times per day and is proven to be two times more effective than cleansing your face by hand. After using the Clarisonic skin care brush for two months, people reported:

    • softer skin


    • decreased pore size


    • more effective cleaning


  • healthier looking skin

The brush is waterproof (try it in the shower!) and can be used up to seven days without charging (personally tried – taken on vacation with me without the charger!). Available for purchase at Evolutions Medical Spa or at our eStore.

>> Read more about the Crazy Gorgeous Skin Care event here <<
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“Crazy Gorgeous Skin” Event at Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara

In just one week, Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara will be hosting an event that is not to be missed! Our event is dedicated to skin – and we invite all skin types – to come find out how to have Crazy Gorgeous Skin!

“Crazy Gorgeous Skin” Event at Evolutions Medical Spa
Wednesday, June 17th, from 6:30 – 8:30
gorgeous+skinPlease join Dr. Perkins and representatives from top skin care lines* for an open house event, to learn the importance of a comprehensive home care regimen.

Mini treatments & make-up application available complimentary.

Raffles and Exclusive discounts just for attendees.

This is a free event. Refreshments will be served.
* Stay tuned to the Evolutions blog over the next week! In honor of this event we will be posting information each day about the top skin care lines that will be featured at the event. Read up, become informed, and bring all your questions for the skin care representatives.

Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara Can Stop Excessive Sweating in Underarms, Hands, Feet with Botox

Summer is here in Santa Barbara and, yes!, there is a way to stop the embarrassing sweaty underarms or sweaty palms so you that you may enjoy the season in confidence!
Some of you may be familiar with the term hyperhidrosis – a clinical term for a condition where a person produces an abnormal increase in perspiration to regulate the body. Many of us suffer from hyperhidrosis – not only in day-to-day activities, but in events in our lives that will live forever in our memories – weddings, big work presentations, reunions – not knowing that there is a solution out there that is much better than grocery store deodorant.

At Evolutions Medical Spa in Santa Barbara we are here to help! We can cut your sweating up to 90% for six to eight months using an FDA-approved treatment of BOTOX injections. Botox blocks the signals sent to the treated sweat glands telling them to sweat. Enjoy your summer with dry, odorless underarms (or palms or feet)!

If you’d like to know more, contact Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara via our online complimentary consultation form or call us for an appointment at 805-687-0212. We also use Botox for smoothing lines and reducing wrinkles!


For more information on hyperhidrosis, visit the International Hyperhidrosis Society.