Evolutions Medical Spa Client Testimonials

At Evolutions Medical Spa we try very hard to not only provide our clients with the best results and value for their money, but also to give consistently excellent customer service.

Consequently, we are extremely pleased that our #1 source of new referrals is our current clients. We are also gratified when we receive specific feedback such as the following:

Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara Clients Discuss Their Results

Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara Clients Discuss the Staff

Evolutions Medical Spa Clients Discuss How They Feel When They Walk In the Door

Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara Clients Discuss Their Results

Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara Clients Discuss How Evolutions Compares to Other Spa Facilities

Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara Clients Discuss Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Terry J. Perkins


“I really enjoyed my experience with your company. I own a Corporate Promotions Company in Santa Barbara and attract clients like Oprah, The White House, Paramount, ABC, NBC, Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Four Seasons Hotels just to make a few. We give legendary service to our clients and that is why we remain so popular and slammed busy.

My expectations were very high when I use any new service due to my background and what we do for our clients… I really was happy + satisfied with your services – it was a great experience. Thank you!”
– N.L.

“I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I was with my experience at Evolutions. I appreciated the warmth and helpfulness of your front office staff. I have not had other Botox experiences and was uncertain about having the treatment. The nurse listened carefully and told me exactly what to expect. She was perfect on with what I experienced. I would highly recommend your spa to my friends and return.”
– T.W.

My experience at Evolutions has been exceptional. From my initial consultation through my last treatment I’m continually impressed with your staff, the treatments and most importantly the results. My skin has never looked better!
– P.C.

“The nurse spent extra time discussing current and future options…I never felt rushed, I felt with all the staff like I was the only patient they had scheduled, though there were patients following me and before me. Remarkable! The front desk always accommodates my schedule and scheduled changes. They called to let me know about changes or delays – remarkable in this day and age. Dr. Perkins listens to me and hears what I am saying. He responds with enthusiasm, professional concern and up-to-date knowledge.”
– J.W.

“I am a new patient, having recently moved to Santa Barbara. My experience at Evolutions was very positive and I look forward to a long relationship.”
– U.H.

“My whole family is very pleased with the service we receive. Thank you!”
– L.K.

“The clinician explained everything and the front desk was good at accommodating my work schedule. I have seen immediate results and it was very comfortable and not painful at all. I’m dark skinned and I experienced no hyper-pigmentation from the laser or redness.”
– L.M.

“I went to two other establishments to check our their menus and atmosphere. I’m so glad I decided to visit one more. I immediately felt welcome and I felt very cared for. A lovely place indeed. Thanks!”
– D.D.

“You are the BEST!!!”
– S.S.

About the Results

“Great results! I’ll be back for more treatments.”
– E.O.

“Best deep extraction facial in town! The special lamp used at the end of the treatment was also great – no visible redness when I left. The girl at the front was able to get me in the next day and she was very sweet and knowledgeable about the products.”
– M.J.

“People came up to me after my treatment and asked what I had, had done. One person said I looked 10 years younger! I am also very pleased with my result; I love instant gratification! Also, I love the location of your spa. The staff & clinicians were very patient and helpful with my many questions, i.e. regarding different options and possible results. Everyone was helpful, seeing to my comfort, giving directions, everything. I feel very welcome in your spa!”

“I’ve had Botox at several places around town in the last few years and have never been happy with the results. I came in about a year ago and was happy with the results. Last time I came in (6 months ago) I was especially pleased. I will ask for the same nurse again. Thanks! I’ll definitely spread the word.”
– L.C.

“I just had my 2nd Botox treatment of my life and (the clinician’s) expertise and gentleness, style and knowledge will keep me coming back – and the outcome is GREAT.”
– D.D.

“After waxing my bikini area for many years, I am thrilled that I no longer have ingrown hairs and monthly visits to the salon.”
– S.I.

About Dr. Perkins

“Dr. Perkins’ enthusiasm and personal warmth make it a pleasure to come in and also I can’t help but get excited about the skin rejuvenation. It’s like having a second chance in life to be attractive and feel confident about being a woman.”
– R.D.

“I believe this is the best spa in town. Dr. Perkins is one of the best physicians in S.B. He is personable and up to date on all medical procedures. I like his approach to new treatments and he always approaches his patients with a “can do” attitude. Consequently, this puts his patients at ease and develops a “trust” relationship which is so very important as a physician to accomplish with his clientele. Because I believe in the “top down” theory in business and life, Dr. Perkins has the best employees because certainly they take the lead from him. The staff is helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.”
– C.R.

“Dr. Perkins has always showed top rate professionalism in every way, each time I have come in. I like him very much and the new office amazing.”
– J.R.

“Interviewed (6) plastic surgeons before I found Dr. Perkins, he had everything I was looking for regarding strategy, knowledge, experience.”
– M.W.

About the Staff

“Your staff is warm and friendly – in addition they are very professional. I feel very comfortable at Evolutions. Many other spas have a very snooty air about them.”
– J.L.

“I would recommend Evolutions based simply on the excellent care and warmth of the staff. They were friendly and knowledgeable – answering all questions and creating a supportive atmosphere.”
– S.P.

“Great job ladies! They are the reason I drive an hour for the procedure. I trust my skin to them.”
– A.T.

“The facility is very professional with knowledgable people. I feel in good hands while I’m there.”
– W.M.

“(The clinician) went above and beyond to ensure my comfort before, during, and after my treatments and went out of her way to schedule my appointments when it was convenient for me.”
– M.B.