logo_spawhiteQuick, easy, and affordable teeth whitening is now available at Evolutions. SpaWhite is the newest, safest, and most effective teeth whitening system available outside of a dental office.

You can now have a whiter smile in about an hour with little to no sensitivity!

  • The Science of Teeth Whitening
  • How SpaWhite Works
  • SpaWhite Express
  • SpaWhite Silver

The Science of Teeth Whitening

Research has shown that there are five elements to successful teeth whitening. The more of these factors included in a bleaching treatment, the greater the results that treatment will achieve. These five factors are:

This is the active ingredient in virtually all dental whitening products. It comes in many forms, but ultimately breaks down to hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide reacts with light and oxygen to form hydroxyl radicals, which penetrate the tooth structure, breaking down stains into progressively smaller particles as they go. So far, so good.

But peroxide is strong stuff, and can burn gums and cause tooth sensitivity. Typically, this is dealt with simply by diluting the peroxide; the lower the concentration of peroxide, the fewer the side effects, but the less effective it is at whitening teeth. The main reason for the side effects is that the pH (degree of acidity or alkalinity) of peroxide is too far away from neutral. Some tooth bleach manufacturers artificially lower the pH of their peroxide to make it more stable. But this increases its side effects. There is a better way.

The conversion of hydrogen peroxide to hydroxyl radicals can be accelerated and sustained by exposure to certain wavelengths of light, basically from about 400 to 560 nanometers. This is well within the safe visible light spectrum, far away from dangerous ultraviolet light. By exposing the teeth to light concentrated in this spectrum while the peroxide is on the teeth, the whitening action is accelerated and intensified, increasing the release of hydroxyl radicals, even the neutral pH peroxide.

Peroxide is of little value if it doesn’t get into the structure of the tooth. Mild pressure is required to accomplish this. Dentists apply pressure by molding a tray that is custom fit to your teeth. The peroxide gel is placed in the tray, and forced into place. SpaWhite accomplishes this action with a patented pressure pad that forms to the shpae of your teeth without the need for an expensive, custom tray.

Peroxide activity increases with temperature, releasing more of its powerful hydroxyl radicals than would occur at lower temperatures.

The longer you expose your teeth to a combination of peroxide, light, heat and pressure the whiter your teeth will get — to a point. Peroxide eventually breaks down into water. It “wears out” rather quickly, and the more light and heat it is exposed to, the faster it wears out. So a balance must be struck between repetition of applications and exposure time.

How SpaWhite Delivers the Five Key Elements of Teeth Whitening

Innovative, patented foam pads are saturated with specially formulated neutral pH peroxide gel. As the peroxide breaks down stains, the foam pads attract the stain material, so, when you remove the pads, you also remove the stains.

An advanced, spectrum-controlled light specifically developed for the Spa White process is positioned to apply its energy just outside of a clear lens positioned between the teeth. This unique, patented lens not only acts to guide the light into the peroxide, it also helps with delivering the next factor:

The DayLight 5k is a precision computerized light that emits “cool blue” light in the 430-470 nanometerspectrum for optimum SpaWhite results.

The pads are placed into pressure pockets in the lens, which squeezes them between the lens and teeth, forcing the peroxide gel into the tooth structure.

Spa White’s patented lens with upper whitening pad in place.

The combination of the foam pads, pressure, and light streaming through the lens reacts with internal mouth temperature (that is where the doctor takes your temperature, after all) to raise the temperature of the peroxide.

For most people, one or two Spa White sessions of 20 minutes each is sufficient for an initial treatment.

SpaWhite Express

SpaWhite Express is perfect for clients who would like to brighten their smile with a quick, easy, and affordable treatment. This basic teeth whitening treatment takes 30 – 40 minutes (roughly an hour with setup and cleanup) and will typically lighten your teeth by 2-4 shades.

SpaWhite Silver

SpaWhite Silver is appropriate for clients in need of additional whitening. It is a common choice for smokers, heavy coffee, tea, and/or red wine drinkers, or anyone whose teeth have been significantly darkened over the years.

SpaWhite Silver combines two Express treatments together done either the same day or within one week of each other. The second treatment penetrates deeper into the teeth for increased whitening. The treatment will typically light your teeth by 4-7 shades.

The SpaWhite Silver treatment also includes a complimentary WhiteIce maintenance stick (a $69 value) to help maintain your new smile!